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Adley & Mom make MAGiC PETS ✨ our Magical Potion creates little Mixie Mixlings! meet my friends!


– Bring her back! – Bring back Adley! (magical chiming) (screaming) – Where were you?! – On the beach! I saw sea turtles! – You were in Hawaii?! – Yeah! – You're putting all of that in? (bubbling potion) – Oh, boy! – That's a lot of magic,
are you sure about this? – [All] Did you just see that? – It's so cute! – I'm in love.

It's so cute. She's so adorable. – Hug Adley? Okay, I'll hug Adley. – Oh, I just want a hug. – Go, go, go, go, go, go. (water pouring) Magicus Mixus One, two, three. (magical chiming) – [All] Aw! (screaming) – What are those?! Wait- – Guys, that is not a Mixie! – Did you know a different type of magic? – Uh, no. Can we open another Mixling? – [Together] Lucky! – Yes! – Can Adley open it? – [Adley And Mom] Maybe! – Can dad open it? – [Adley And Mom] No! – [All] Magicus Mixus! – Go magic! – [All] Whoa! – Guys! – [Dad] Can I help? I got it.

– Maggie, Maggie, stop! – I got it! – No, I got it! – [Dad] Am I a good helper? – Move, I have to pour! – [Dad] Am I a good helper? – [Adley] This video is
sponsored by Moose Toys! I have to pour this in! – Maggie, just sit right
here and you can watch. – [Dad] Okay, I wanna watch. [All] Hmmm… – Okay. (gasping) – [All] Aloha! – Today we're gonna make my little, my Maggie Mixie some new friends.

– And when you guys watch this, we're probably gonna be
in Hawaii on the beach. – On the beach! – On the beach. On the beach. – But first, we gotta make some magic. – Yep. – Magic, magic, magic. – Uh, so what's first, Miss Magic? – First we add- – Start our potion, number one. – Number one, and it has
a tag on it so we know. How about Maggie does the
honors of pouring it in? (water pouring) Go, go, go, go, go, go. (potion bubbling) Okay, that's enough. – Good job. – Oh, it's bubbling. We gotta turn it around
so we see the light. Maybe it needs more water. – [Adley And Dad] Yeah, maybe. – Add some more water. (water pouring) All of it?! (tapping) (magical music playing) – [Together] Ooh! – Number two. – Okay. – Is this- – Give the Mixie its voice. (potion bubbling) – Whoa! – You're putting all of that in? – Oh boy! – That's a lot of magic.
Are you sure about this? – Wait, listen to it. (potion bubbling) Wait, what?! Guys, it's bubbling. – [Dad] It's bubbling. Oh, it's shining green.

– You say Magicus Mixus. – Magicus Mixus. (magical chiming) – Yes! – We need to add sparkles
to our Mixie's eyes. – We need to add the star. – Okay. – Yep, stardust. – Okay, pour it over here. – I wanna see! I wanna see! – I think this one gives it its light. (plopping) Oh, there we go. (fizzing) (potion bubbling) Watch it happen. – Hey I wanna see! Let me in, let me in. – Hey! – Oh, it's bubbling. Hey, let me in! Maggie! – Oh, we gotta stir it, look! – Stir it. Oh, we have to stir. – [Adley And Mom] One, two, three. (tapping) – Yes! (magical chiming) – I tapped it two times, it said three. – Good job, miss. (magical music playing) Grant your Mixie its wings.

Is there a feather one? – Feather. – This one is a stir and then three taps. – Okay. – Stir, three taps. (potion bubbling) – [Dad] There's the feather. Oh, it's like a colorful
feather, mix it in. (potion bubbling) – Magicus Mixus (tapping) One, two, three. (magical chiming) – Whoa! You're good at magic. – Five? – Number five is the color of your Mixie, color of your Mixie. – Ooh! Maggie, I'm so excited
to meet your new friend! – It's gonna be the same color as you! – Ooh! – Yeah! Can I help? – No, Maggie. – [Dad] I got it! – Maggie, Maggie, stop! – I got it! – No, I got it! Okay, there we go. – [Dad] Okay, I helped.
Am I a good helper? – Move, I have to pour- – [Dad] Am I a good helper? – I have to pour this in! – Maggie, just sit right
here and you can watch. – [Dad] Okay, I wanna watch. Whoa! I think you have to stir it. (potion bubbling) Oh yeah, stir it a lot.

– [Adley] I see it dissolving. Magic Mixus. (potion bubbling) – [Dad] You got to say it better, come on! – Magicus Mixus. One, two, three. – Gotta listen. (magical chiming) – Yes! – Whoa, what happened? – What's it doing? – Hey, let me see. I can't even see. – Okay. Let's get- – Okay, I got the next one ready for you. – Next is Gemmy. – Ooh, a gem?! That is to add the creation crystal. – Okay, creation- Oh,
I think it's this thing that goes on the top of their head. – [Mom And Dad] Oh, yeah! – I wanna see! – Stir and tap three times. (potion bubbling) Where did it go? Magicus Mixus. It's so greeny! (gasping) – One, two, three. – You have to name your Mixie. Oh yeah, what are you gonna name it? What are you gonna name it? – Your name is Sparkles, so
maybe I should name this one… – Wait, her name's not Sparkles! – Oh yeah! – [Dad] My name is Maggie. – Oh yeah! – [Dad] You forgot my name? – Oh, sorry! (laughing) (shouting) – [Dad] Oh, I'm so excited! – Your name's Maggie,
so what, we need names.

– What should we name her, Maggie? – Oh, what about Crystal? – I like that. – Do you like that name, Maggie? (toy squealing) – Oh! – She likes it. – There we go. I want it to be named Crystal. Tap, tap, tap. (magical music playing) (toy singing) (magical music continuing) – Where did it go? (gasping) (magical music playing) – Guys, it's working! – You know real magic! – Ugh, smoke! (blowing) – Whoa! (exaggerated blowing) – [Dad] Uh, what's going on? – It's working. – Huh? (magical music playing) (popping) (screaming) – Look at those! Wait… – Guys, that is not a Mixie! – What? – How did that happen? Did you know a different type of magic? – Uh, no. – Mixlings! – Mixlings? What are Mixlings? – Mixlings! – What are Mixlings?! – I have no idea.

Should we get 'em? – Let's get 'em out. – [Together] What? (magical music playing) – Huh? – [Dad] Huh? (magical music playing) – [Female Narrator] A
new adventure awaits… (magical music continuing) In… – [Mixie] Mixia! (magical music continuing) – [Female Narrator] Magic Mixies. Coming May 13th. (yelping) – [Mixie] Not the
castle, but still lovely. – Did you guys see that? – Yeah. – Did you? – That was crazy. – That was crazy. – It was like a little girl named Sienna and she's like in a journey. – Oh yeah, I remember that! I just saw it, wait, I just
saw it, wait, I remember that.

I just saw. – They were finding Mixlings everywhere. – Was that magic? The baby Mixlings, those
are what Mixlings are. – [Adley And Mom] Yeah! – Is that a new show? – [Adley And Mom] Yeah. – That's cool! – There's like a bunch of
them. There's a series. – Let's get 'em out! – Yes! – Yeah! – [Mom And Dad] Whoa! – Magic Mixies Mixlings. – Can we open them?! – Let's open them! – Uh, guys? – What? – Do you think we need to do more magic? – [Dad] Yeah, yeah – [Adley And Dad] Yeah! – Look at this cauldron.

– It looks like the same as this one. – [Mom] Yeah, but it's mini. – There we go. – Uh, do you need a little dad help? – Yeah, a little dad help. Just get it started. – Dads are good at opening stuff. – She's gonna fly! I caught her. – I got the lid open. – (singing) Ta-da! Da, da, da, da, da! – What do we do next? – We gotta see how rare it is. Rub the gem, rub the gem. – Okay. – Okay, rub it. Did she get a good one? – Daddy, you try it. – Rub this guy. Oh, I see something! – Look, it has a moon! – Oh, ours has a moon!
What does yours have? – Wait, hold on, I wanna read this. – It says magic, moon magic. What does a moon mean? Oh man, there's a lot to figure out. – Wait, mine is a diamond. (gasping) – Yours is a diamond. – Ours is a moon and it says- – Maybe it will tell us inside.

– Oh, okay. – Ours won't open. It's like bubbling. – Do we need magic? – I think we need magic. Maybe a spell or let's see. – Use your spell book. – Magicus Mixus. (magical chiming) (gasping) – The wand! – A new wand?` – Ooh, a cute little wand! Hello little wand. – Cheers! – Wanna be my wand friend? – [Mom] Guys, I got it! (gasping) There's different kind of Mixlings. There's Vanishers, Flyers, Morphlings, Enchanters, Spellsters. – Wait, what's the ones with moons? – Where's the moon? – Moon is Flyers. – Moon is common. Oh, diamond is ultra rare! – Mom got an ultra rare one! – I think I got two of them. – Oh, those are so cute. – We get to see what they are. – Which one is this one? Let's see. – Oh, look right there. – Look. She is a Flyer. Oh and look, she came with a wand! – Okay, let's look for her. Oh, she's right here. Her name is Quip. – Hi Quip! – And she's a Spellster. – Oh, Spellster! What about this? – Okay, let's see what magic she does. – Wait, they do magic? – Yeah! – It's a Spellster.

– Hmm… (gasping) – It looks like it glows in the dark. – Oh yeah, look at the hands. – Okay, so that one glows in the dark. What does this one do? It has a wand. – Oh yeah, look! You put it in the light for
10 seconds and then she glows. – That's cool. What about this one? I have a little magic wand. – That's Pixley, she's an Enchanter. – Pixley, an Enchanter. – Yeah. – Let's see what this one does. (gasping) – Her eyes! – She's enchanting us! – That's so cute. – Ah, I'm in love, it's so cute. She's so adorable! – Hug Adley? Okay, I'll hug Adley. – I just want a hug.

Ah, she has a hug spell on me. (laughing) (Adley awing) – She enchanted us. (Adley awing) (laughing) – Wait, let's see what I got. – I wanna see this one glow. Oh, I'm gonna put it in the
window so we can see it glow. – Okay. – You're gonna stay right there. – All right, are we
ready to do the next one? – Mom, isn't yours ultra rare? – Yeah. Okay, here's the wand. – What did you get, what did you get? – Can I open it? – Yes. – What is it? – Oooh! – She's so cute. – This one is Bunto. – Bunto? Hi little Bunto! – He's a Morphling. – A Morphling? What is it, he morphs? – Here, let's set him- – How does he morph? – Right here. – Okay. – Maybe we put this like… (gasping) – [Dad] Are those wings? – Whoa! – Wait, no, they're not. – Two hands? – Two paws! – He has four paws! – He has six! – What?! – If you count his feet! – One, two, three, four, five, six.

Six! (squealing) That's a Morphling for sure! – Oh my goodness! – That is cool. Wait, can you put his
arms back in if you want? Oh yeah, there you go. – Oh, hi, I just have four
paws. Just kidding, I have… – [All] Six! – I'm a morphling! – Wait. – Whoa, I've never seen
anyone do that before. – Yeah, I'm a Morphling. – Do you wanna see what I can do? – What? – Okay. Ready for this? – Yeah. – [Adley And Dad] Whoa! – You will do jumping up and down. You will jump up and down. (laughing) Now give Adley a hug, give Adley a hug. – Yeah. – Oh, yeah? Wanna see what I can do? – [Mom] Yeah, what can you do? – I glow in the dark. Uh, where's a dark spot? – Uh… – The bathroom! – Follow me! – Okay. – I'll fly back there because I can fly. (flying) – [Mom] Okay, we're here. – [Dad] Everyone ready? – [Mom] I'm ready. – [All] Whoa! – [Mom] Her gem and her paws glow.

– [Adley] Friends can glow? Whoa! – [Dad] Yeah, you wanna be friends? – [Adley And Mom] Yeah! – [Adley] But I'm kind
of scared of the dark. Can we go now? – [Dad] Yeah, let's go. (soft screaming) Told you I could glow in the dark. – What if they could
help us do more magic? – Yeah! – More magic? – Yes. – I always like more magic. – Me too. – Magic! – Magic Mixies transport us
to Hawaii right now, early. (magic chiming) – That didn't work. – Did they do it yet? – I don't think they want us to go. Wait, where did Adley go? Did she really go to Hawaii? – Adley's in Hawaii? – No! – Guys, bring her back!
Maggie, bring her back. Who did the magic? – Uh… guys? – Magic Mixies Mixlings bring her back! – Bring back Adley! (poofing) (screaming) – Where were you?! – On the beach! I saw sea turtles! – You were in Hawaii?! – Yes! – I wanna go to Hawaii! – Okay! Guys, we are not
ready, we're not even packed.

– Yeah, we need a pack first, so- – Yeah! – Hey, when we pack, we can just magic to Hawaii
instead of fly in the plane? – Yeah. – Yeah, that's a good idea. – I like that idea. – I want to go to Hawaii! – All right, we're gonna do
some magic now, Mixlings. (falling) – Maggie! – Adley, clear a space just in case. – Hey! She said Adley, not daddy. – She said Dadley, that's
like Dad and Adley.

– No! – More space. (glass shattering) – There's water in that! – Sorry. – There's a potion everywhere now. – It's okay, we'll clean it up with magic. – Uh-oh! – You guys ready? Get your wands. – Where's my wand? – Wait, uh… – Ready? – There's your wand, that's mine. – [Mom And Dad] Okay. What do we say? – I don't know. What do we say? Do you know? – Magicus Mixus? – Magi- I mean (laughing) – You good? – You've been saying that all day! – Sometimes she says mag-icus-gicus… What do you say? – Magicus Mixus. – Magicus Mixus. Okay, ready? – Hold on, I got to hold this guy. – On the count of thirty. One, two, three, four- – Wait, thirty?! – Five, six- – Dad, we do three. – Seven, eight, nine, ten, thirty! – [All] Magicus Mixus! – Magic! – [Adley And Mom] Whoa! – Guys! A magic castle? – We're magic! – Whoa! – I'm basically a Magic Mixling.

– No, I am! I'm the magic. – Uh, guys? – I'm like a dad Mixling. What? – You gotta check this out. I think there's something inside. – Wait, there's a gem right
there. Could we do magic? – Adley, do the spell. – So, hmmm… bring a Mixie to help us open the door. (magical chiming) Whoa, whoa! – A Mixling! – A Mixling! – [Dad] A Mixling! – Wait, what kind of Mixling is that? – [Adley] I don't know, let's look. – Oh, it has antlers. Wait guys, that is a rare one! – No! – Look, that's the Mixling's magic castle. Magic. – Magic. – Uh, she might have wings. – Let's do magic on her gem. – Boop boo-boo, boop. (gasping) – [Mom] Oh, I love it! – That's cool, but how
do we get in the castle? – Maggie, come here! We need help! Can you ask her how we open the castle? – Yeah, we wanna get in there.

– You two look exactly the same. Except for the antlers. – What did she say, Maggie? (toy mumbling) – You have to do magic
to open the door again. – Whoa, okay. – Magic? – Magic. Uh-oh. – Uh, wands. – I'll take that one. – Let's do this. – Wait, I know a spell. Dad is cool. (power draining) (blowing) Dad is cool. (power draining) Didn't even work. – Nothing's happening. – Okay. – Magicus Mixus, open the door. – [Mom And Dad] Whoa! – That was awesome. That's inside the castle! – That's so cool! – Wait, she's inside the castle! How did she even get in there? – Magic? – The door! – The door flipped. – It changed! – Whoa. – This is awesome. – Wait, guys. – What? – She said we have to do one more spell because it comes with furniture. – Furniture? – Yeah. – Like magic furniture? – Yup! – Could you make me like a magic bunk bed? – Uh, I don't think she heard that.

– Can I get a magic bunk bed? – Yes, you can, stop talking. (laughing) – Okay. – All right, do the spell again. – Magicus Mixus, give us furniture. (magical chiming) (gasping) – Another wand? – Guys. – A bed! I think that's
a bed. Is that a bed? – A bed, it's a bed. – I said bunk beds, they listened to me. – A crystal ball! Guys we got more Mixies! – More friends! – Oh, look the little
table with the spell book. – Look, this one's actually matching her! – Oh, hi friend, hi! – We got another caldron. – Wait, does that have something inside? (caldron rattling) (gasping) – Yes.

– More magic. – More friends, more friends! – Guys, a crystal ball. – Wait, really? What does it do? – Oh, wait, hold on. – What do we do Adley? – Let's ask a question maybe. – [Mom] Okay. – Can me and mom have a
dance party after this video? – [Adley And Mom] Lucky. – Lucky! Aw, you guys
are lucky, I want to. Can dad eat ice cream after this video? – [Mom] Yes. – [Adley] Yes. – Yes! Okay, yep, I'll be right back. Oh, video's not over yet. – Yeah, not done.

– Okay, well thanks for watching. Bye. – No, no. (laughing) – I just want ice cream. – Okay. – Is the whole family gonna go to Hawaii? – [Dad] Ooh. Yay! – [Mom] Lucky! We are lucky! – We're lucky! Lucky, lucky, lucky. – Can we open another Mixley? – [All] Lucky! – Yes! – Wait one minute. Can Adley open it? – [All] Maybe! – Can dad open it? – No! – Can mom? Yeah! – [Dad] Why is she so lucky? – She said maybe! – I'll share guys, I'll share. – Ooh! – Rub the gem. – Oh yeah, see if it's rare.

What did we get? – Rub a dub dub. – [Dad] What is it? What is
it? What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? Is it ready? Is it ready? Hurry! I want to see what it is! I'm so excited! Hurry! Hurry! It's a star, it's a star, it's a star. – It's a star! I love stars! – Maggie! – Sorry, I'm just excited. – Okay, let's- Ow! – Ahh! My hair's caught in your hair! Let go of my hair. – Hey, open it up, I'm ready. – Yeah, okay. What did we get? – So, we got a star. – A star is rare. – Let's look. – Ooh! I'm so excited! – She's pink, she's pink. She's all pink! – Oh, that's adorable.
Can she be my friend? – And she has gems on top of her head.

– Hmm? – [Dad] It's an Enchanter. – An Enchanter! – Enchanter! – Whoa, let me see your
magic! Let me see your magic! – [Mom] Oh no, watch out,
she's gonna enchant us. – I'm not looking. Did it work? (screaming) – Guys! Aw, she's so cute. – [Adley] Dad! – I'm just in love. Oh, I love it, I love it, I love- – Dad! – I'm enchanted. – Dad! – I will never stop being en- – Dad, dad snap! Snap out of it! – Whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened? – It's over. – Is it over? – Oh, it enchanted me. – Guys? – I have a trick that I want to show you. – You can open your eyes. – Okay. – She has a trick she wants to show us.

– Okay, let me see your trick. – Banananana-ma-nana! – Whoa, you can balance on your tail? – Guys, I have an idea. – What? – Should we get all the Mixlings
to help us end the vlog? – Yeah! (screaming) – Everyone gets two Mixlings. – Okay. – Wait, we didn't see what these did. – Oh, that one looks cool. – [Adley] That one looks
like it glows in the dark. – [Mom] Whoa. Vanisher. – It's a Vanisher? – Yeah. She goes invisible. That's cool. – Yeah, that is cool. – That's awesome! – Okay, I'm ending on
the vlog with this one, And this one. – Everyone gets two. – Can we go to Hawaii now? – You get this one. – Can we go to Hawaii? – Yes we can, we can. – I wanna go to Hawaii.

– Ah, we can. – [Mom] Me too, let's go to Hawaii! – Me too, I wanna go to Hawaii! (screaming) – Okay, we'll go! Just hold this one, dad. – Okay. Ready? – Okay, I'll be this
one. We all have four. – Okay. – [Mom] We're ready. What do we do? – What do we do? What do we do? – We say "thanks for watching,
bye" at the same time. – I'm ready. – Everyone ready on three! – [All] One, two, three! Thanks for watching! Bye! (wooshing) (magical chiming) – [Adley] We disappeared.
See you in Hawaii! Thanks for watching! Bye! I can't wait! – [Dad] Bye, see you in Hawaii! Add some magic to like help this- – (singing) Thanks for watching! Bye! (laughing) – [Mom] Hey parents, you
can find Magic Mixlings too online at walmart.com starting June 1st.

Or if you want to buy them in store, they are gonna be there in July. Click the link below for a sneak peek of the new Magic Mixie series
launching on YouTube May 13th. Thanks for watching guys, bye. – This is video is
sponsored by Moose Toys..

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