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ADLEY is a BUTTERFLY PRINCESS!! Pet Duck in our House! Dinner routine with Elsa and Anna from Frozen


– Hello. Wow you look just like me! I'm so confused. – [Kristoff] I'm confused. – Hope you all enjoy your
meals, so good to see you all. – Look, your own butterfly encounter. – I see one hatching right now. (upbeat pop music) – Ooh, it's on the vlog. – It says, snakes. – [Dad] Oh, that looks like, is that real? – [Dad] Have the best day ever! (horn sounds) – I wanna pet him – Bye ducky! – You guys look, Black Panther. – [Dad] Black Panther. – Niko, we saw! (cheering) – We're getting on the ship, it's time! Beautiful! – Dad take a picture. – [Dad] One, two, three.

Oh that was a cute one. (upbeat pop music) – [Dad] Is this it? – Kristoff, look, all
our friends are here. ♪ Some things stay the same. ♪ – I was just thinking
about summer, and sun. – It's Olaf. – [Dad] Adorable, thank you. – Bunk bed. – [Dad] Ooooooooh. – Mom look, there's a bibbidy bobbidy boo! – [Mom] Okay, let's find him.

– Niko? – No… not in there. – Niko. – [Dad] Niko. We found you. He just disappeared! I always knew he was a superhero. – Niko. – Not behind the pillow. – [Dad] Where is Adley? – Woo! That was so good. – It's raining bubbles! It's my Groot bubbles. – [Dad] Yeah. – Bubbles. Bubbles. Pop. Pop. (upbeat pop music) – [Adley] I wanna go see the butterflies. – Plant your own butterfly habitat. – [Adley] I wanna see. – Whoa. Oh. – [Female Voice] That's a bumble bee. – [Dad] Isn't that cool? – Yeah, I see one hatching right now. Hey butterfly. Ohhh. I just wanna feel what it's
like to hold a butterfly. Can I hold you please? Come on. – [Niko] Butterflies are walking. – [Adley] That yellow butterfly. – [Mom] This one right here? – [Dad] Shh.

– Come on. Aw, he flew away. – [Niko] I wanna hold it. – It came to me – ah. – [Mom] There you go, bud. Hold him straight, hold it straight. – [Dad] Great job Niko. – He's like, is this food? This is yucky food. – [Mom] This is not food. – [Dad] That was awesome. – I wanna hold it. – [Dad] Just be patient. – Hi little butterfly.

(upbeat music) – [Mom] Niko, look. Ooh. It's on the vlog. – What where? – [Dad] It's on Adley, wait. – [Adley] Run free butterflies, run free! – [Mom] Careful! – [Niko] Quack! – [Dad] What is it? – Quack. – [Dad] Quack quack. – [Mom] Don't let those gators get ya. Oh thank God there's a fence. – [Dad] Guys, look behind you. A giant bird. – [Mom] A big bird. – [Dad] His name's Big Bird. – [Adley] I'm going in the sand. – [Mom] Whoa. – [Niko] Dig. Dig, dig dig. – It's like time powder. – [Dad] Time powder? I think she means like
the sand in an hourglass, time powder. – Oh. – [Dad] That's Jenny's real laugh, the rattlesnake laugh. That's how you know it's sincere. – [Mom] Look at the bird Niko,
he's getting ready to fly. Fly like an eagle. That looks like a pterodactyl.

– [Dad] That's cool. (ducks quacking) – [Adley] Fly, you bird. – Dad. – [Dad] What? – Come look at this sign. It says 'Snakes' – [Dad] Whoa. – And alligators. – [Dad] Shall we look for some? Ooh, look in there, like under that rock there's a little snake. Do you see it down there? – [Niko] Oh yeah. – Do you see it Naze? – Yeah. – Go to the fence. – Welcome the best day ever. Day three, kind of been a rest day. We had to move to a different hotel room 'cause there wasn't any more room and this place turned out beautiful.

I think that's our old place. New place. – Dad me and you have to do a competition who can spell the better name. You have to think of
any name and spell it. – [Dad] The better name? I'm gonna spell Navey. (ship horn sounds) – [Dad] Yeahhhh. Wow. Okay. Hello. They're having the best day ever. – [Kids] Yeah. – Have the best day ever! (horn sounds) – [Mom] I see a real shell. A clam shell, maybe. On that rock. – [Dad] Whoa. It's a clam shell. I bet there's an Otter
around there that ate it. – [Mom] I bet there's a pearl in it. – [Niko] Dad. – [Dad] What? – Come over here. A dinosaur footprint. – [Dad] A Dino? No, that
looks like a dinosaur. – [Adley] No look. – [Dad] There's two dinosaurs. – No, it's my hand, look. – [Mom] Uh guys, look at
this footprint right here. What is that? – [Niko] It's a animal track.

– [Dad] Ooh, that is an animal track. – [Adley] Oh it's Mom. – [Dad] It's Mom. Look. – [Adley] Dad guess what. – [Dad] What? – This girl in Elena, she can slow down time
by just the blowing sand. Let's see if it's real. – [Dad] Whoa! (slow motion voices) – [Adley] She can un-slow time by blowing by blowing the sand La da da da da – [Dad] Oh wow, that's cool. Fierce. (upbeat music) Oh, that look, wait, is that real? Oh, that's a leaf that looks
like a crab claw, for reals.

(upbeat music) (excited screaming) – T U S E T E G R S Tigers are the best. – [Dad] Tigers are the best. – And I said have the, – [Dad] have the. – [Mom] I ran out of time. – Fill in the blank, leave
a comment, have the – (upbeat music) – Quack. – Is it a quack? – Should I open the door? – [Dad] Yeah, let it in for reals. – Hey quack. Come on in. I'll just leave the door. Mommy, I let the duck in. – There's a duck outside. Quack quack. – Come on, be our friend. – I wanna pet him. (quacking) – [Adley] Quack, quack, Niko. Give me another one. (laughing) – [Mom] Shhh. No more guys, not yet. (quacking) (quacking) (quacking) – Nummy. Nummy. (quacking) – Go give it to him. – [Adley] Don't give it to him. – [Mom] Good job. Good job. – [Dad] Give him another one. – [Adley] It's like, too much food now. – [Mom] Oh Daddy, can we keep him? – [Dad] Yes. – He'll poop in our house. – [Dad] Yeah. We can't
keep him, this is his home. – Remember to return to our house. – [Niko] Bye Ducky. – [Dad] Be back home by midnight! – Yeah be back home by midnight.

Bye ducky! – Hey, go get that cracker, yo. (laughs) – Bubbles! Bubbles! Ducks love bubbles! Bubbles are made of water
so ducks love bubbles. – [Dad] Yep, I think you're right. Did you know that, Naze? – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh good. – It's raining bubbles! – [Dad] It's raining bubbles. Navey's like "I'll hold it." – It's my Groot bubbles. – [Dad] Yeah. – Bubbles. Bubbles. – Navey, get the vlog. – [Dad] No, don't get the vlog! Get the Niko. – Ahh. – [Dad] Good job. Oh no, now she's getting the vlog! Don't get Dad. No don't get Dad, aw I
am covered in bubbles. – [Niko] I'm gonna put
some bubbles inside. – [Dad] Oh, that'll be tricky.

– Bubbles inside. Bubbles inside baby! Bubbles inside baby! – [Mom] Bubbles on the bed! Oh boy, look at that bubble window, Nave. – Wash wash wash, we're washing them. – Okay, at least you're washing them. – Bubble. Pop, pop, pop. – [Mom] No more bubbles in the house. Get your bubble butt out here. – [Dad] Oh boy. Buzz bubbles in the house. – [Mom] Buzz, get out. – Dad.
– What? Which one is Groot
bubbles and which one is, ah, Buzz Lightyear bubbles? – [Dad] I have no idea,
they're all mixing up. Vlog which bubbles are which?
I can't tell them apart. – Get the vlog. – [Dad] No don't get me! Whoa that looks kind of cool actually. – I'm gonna do a back massage.
– [Dad] Oh, a back massage? Oh thank you, oh, that feels so good.

– A bubble back massage. – [Dad] Yeah, that feels great. This is best day ever stuff. I love moments like these. I love sharing 'em with you guys. That's what being a family is all about. It is a bubble party out here! – My lady. – Hi. – [Mom] Hi. Oop. There you go. – Yaaaay. (loud music) – [Dad] Cheers. – Cheers. – Do you think Alli would like to try one? – [Dad] That's a good idea. – [Loud Speaker] Fireworks,
stunning special effects, and movie music from around the globe. (music plays) – So good. (upbeat music) (excited screaming) – I've never been on this Groot ride! – [Dad] I think we're getting
Niko on the Groot ride, just kind of pushed him through. – Do you know what I'm gonna do. – [Dad] Oh to be really tall? The Groot ride is Guardians of the Galaxy, it's pretty good we rode it earlier. It's really cool. Niko, we got you on. We got Niko on the ride.

– [Niko] I'm ready. – You're ready? This one's really fun,
but it's in the dark. Are you scared of the dark? – No. – Good. – Scared brave. – [Dad] Scared brave? – We're a little scared brave. (ride sounds) – I think he's asleep. Super Navey! This is quite the crew we got. Da da la dat dat daaaa. – [Mom] Look at her
little toes, back here. – [Alli] Oh they're so cute! – [Mom] She flexes them. – Oh, I got the cutest little family. That was a fun day, lots of good memories. Glad we got to share 'em with you.

Thanks for joining us for
another Best Day Ever. I hope you have a best tomorrow ever. See you back for another
video sometime soon. – How do we drive this thing? – [Dad] Oh boy. That is all our luggage. Where's it headed? – Uh, the ship. – [Dad] The Cruise Ship. All those are going onto a giant ship. And then we're gonna go out
into the middle of the ocean like that guy, but bigger
ship, bigger ocean. Welcome to a Best Day Ever. We're heading to the cruise. This is what Disney originally
invited us here for. And we just came a couple days early to have a little fun first. – Crocodile water. – [Dad] Excuse me, boat, there's
crocodiles in that water. Do you know what you're doing? – Ohh pine cones. – [Dad] Ooh, breakfast. There you go. And Adley already found breakfast. All right, gonna be another best day ever, and you're coming with us.

Oh, Ew. I thought you were really going to eat it. – Grapes are jumping on the
bed, but one fell off the bed, and the doctor said, "No more
grapes jumping on the bed". – [Dad] No more grapes jumping on the bed. One fell off in Daddy's mouth. Nom nom nom, baby Bloom over there. Oh, she's getting a bite. Good job Bloom. – [Niko] Om nom nom. She been doing good. – She is such a good eater. – Grape. Ew grape guts. – Grape guts. A quick little breakfast
before we figure out how to get on this ginormous ship. I don't know what happens next, but I hope next time you see
us We're on a giant ship. – [Adley] It's a clam, dad! – They have really rare grapes in Florida. (upbeat music) – Dad, it's full of ice. – Mmm, it's yummy, wait,
that tastes like grapes. – 'cause it's grapes. – [Dad] It's yummy, huh? – It tastes like orange juice. – Can I get a grape in my apple juice? Ooh a cut grape.

Mmm. – It's only 1. – Delicious. – Do you want a grape in your water? – [Dad] Ooooh. Fancy drinks. There's Niko's, there's Dad's. – I have four. – Yuk. (crowds chatting) – [Mom] Ant Man, Boss Girl, Black Panther. – [Dad] Black Panther. Niko, we saw him. Oh, he's gonna be so excited! – And Chewy. – Oh boy. Okay. We gotta keep walking but kinda not. We got Chewy and Ray over there. – What if Navey sees Chewy
in real life, all big? – She's like, whoa, that's my baby. Big day for all the big Disney
people who made this happen. Can't even imagine. Think about this, What
a big accomplishment launching an entire boat? – Launching a new cruise
ship, that's wild.

– Good job everyone who
worked hard on this. Fill it, I'm rooting for you. And for the ship for us. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – The world of Marvel,
the Star Wars Universe and of course, Mickey and Mini mouse. More than 4,400 pieces of art on board, 70,000 garments for our cast and crew, and Rapunzel's hair on the ship's stern? It's close to 60 feet long. – [Mom] Wow. – And it's our privilege to welcome our Make-A-Wish ambassadors to the stage. (cheering) – I christen thee, Disney
Wish, may God bless this ship and all who sail upon her! (cheering) – [Dad] Ooooh! I think we're going on. – I'm using all the sanitizer. – [Dad] Good job bud. – Adley, that must be you. – (singing) Tonight, we're excited. – [Dad] We're getting
on the ship, it's time. There's the doors. Once you step in those
doors, you're on the ship.

I double dog dare ya. (gamer sounds) We're on the ship. Oh, beautiful. – Dad, take a picture. – [Dad] Okay, picture. One, Two, Three. Whoa, that was a cute one. – [Ship Announcer] On behalf
of the captain and crew, we thank you for your attention
during this very important guest safety briefing. – Oh, they have got pretty good
chills on this boat so far. Goodbye, we're sailing away. Woo Adley's already moving in? – All my hat stuff.

– [Dad] Get your hat stuff. Oh, you even got a hat shelf? Ooh, that's good, ooh and Navey's hat. Family, that's the hat shelf. Oh Niko, are you picking out a toy drawer? – That's my toy drawer. – Just in case you're wondering where to put stuff while
we're on the cruise, you know? Aso how crazy is this? We are the very first
people to stay in this room, to ride on this cruise ship, we're like, look this mirror – It's not
even a mirror yet, wait.

How's that? I don't know why that's foggy, weird. Florida, it's humid. All right, what's next Mom? Do we have to go check in?
– Check in. – [Dad] Yeah, we gotta check in. Adley, you know, when you go to school and you do roll call and check in? We gotta do that. Is this it? Arendelle for dinner? There's Olaf. Kristoff, he's my favorite. It's Adley, and Naze. Can you say hi? Oh, that's pretty cool.

Whoa, is that where
you're sleeping tonight? – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh, thank you. – [Adley] Thank you. Dad, do you think we're
gonna see Anna and Elsa? – [Dad] Yeah, this is fancy. Look how beautiful. Wow, everyone looks all fancy than me and Niko are just in our skate t-shirts and shorts. I think we were supposed to dress up more. – We are dressed up. – We are dressed up, it's cool. – [Adley] Niko, here.

– [Dad] Whoa, what is it, lemme see. – It's a flag menu. – [Dad] Ooh. – They're kissing. – [Dad] Ew, gross. Bleh, kissing's disgusting. Wow, you getting all fancy on us? (music) – Am I hearing a whoo hoo out there? – Whoo hoo. (upbeat music) – Kristoff, look all our friends are here. ♪ Some things stay the same. ♪ ♪ Some things never change. ♪ (clapping) (cheering) (upbeat music) – Hello. Wow you look just like
me! I'm so confused. – [Kristoff] It's confusing, I'm confused. – I hope you all enjoy your
meals, so good to see you all. – [Dad] Elsa. – So beautiful. It's so good to see you
all celebrating with us.

– Could she get a picture with you? – [Elsa] Of course. Thank you. – [Dad] Adorable, thank you. – Bye. – Thank you very much. – You met Elsa. – [Dad] Seriously, the real one? That's pretty cool. Is it good? – So good, pop it up it. – [Dad] Pop it up. – What's so funny, musical snowman? – I was just thinking
about summer, and sun, and all things hot. Don't you all just feel warm and fuzzy when you think about summer? – Ooh, family, what's the
first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? All together. – Snowmen! – Snowmen? – [Mom] Are you nervous? It's Olaf. – Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. – You have a lovely
singing voice, you know? – Why thank you. Summer brings you out in me. – Come on musical snowman. Let's go sing somewhere else. – Oh, that sounds fun, bye for now. – Bye Olaf. (upbeat music) – [Dad] That was nuts,
you went right by 'em. Hi Naze. Do you want some dessert? (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Niko enters the chat.

(upbeat music) (indistinct) – We're by the Ocean. – We're in the middle of the Ocean. Dad, do not drop Mom's phone. – Do not drop my phone, Dad. (laughing) – [Dad] Woo, that was good. – Do you want this, Vanilla? – [Mom] Vanilla. Is it good? Nice. Niko, you like it? Ooh yeah. – Thank you. – [Mom] Thank you. Is it good? – Kids first. Is it pretty good? – [Mom] Okay. – You like it? – [Mom] Yeah. Thank you. Yummy, thanks guys. – I got chocolate. – [Dad] Oh, that's a cute picture. Vlog, get the picture right there. 1, 2, 3 cheese. (upbeat music) – Bunk bed. – Mom look, there's a bibbidy bobbidy boo. – You got the fairy Godmother up there? – [Mom] A dream that
you wish will come true. – You sleep right here. Ooh, and we'll sleep like this. – [Mom] Yes.
– We'll be neighbors. – [Mom] Okay. Dad, Niko, Adley. Okay. Let's find them. Where are they Nave? Where's Adley and Niko? Where are you? Really, where are you? – Niko.

– Niko. – [Mom] No, no one in there. – [Dad] I heard something.
– [Mom] I heard something. That one. Is it this one? Navey is there anyone in there? – No. – Maybe he's tricking us. Is there Niko or Adley in here? Is it safe? – Yeah. – Okay, where should we look next? – Niko. – Niko. Who is it? Who is it? – Niko. – [Dad] Niko, we found,
whoa, he just disappeared. – [Mom] Where'd he go? – [Dad] He has invisible powers.

I always knew he was a superhero. – Niko. – [Dad] I think he disappeared. – [Mom] Maybe let's look for Adley now. – [Dad] She's like, look under here. – [Mom] Is Adley in here? – [Dad] Hey where's Adley? I bet Mom can't even find Adley. Let's see how long it
takes Mom to find Adley starting right now. Ooh you almost had her. – Not behind a pillow? No. Oh, that's a fridge. No. – [Dad] Where's Adley? – No. – [Dad] Oh no. On the patio, no. Mom really can't find her. Mom this room is like 10 feet by 10 feet. – who is that? I see you, Niko. I see you. – [Dad] Okay. But for
reals, where's Adley? – I'm trying to figure that out, huh. – [Niko] I was hiding under
the blankets like this. (screams) – That was so good. – [Dad] Good spot, Mom. – You guys did a good job.

(upbeat music) – Have the best day ever. – You're creepy..

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