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Adley has STiCKER POX the Cartoon!! Brave Doctor visit for 2 Shots from Dr Dad! a new 3D animation


– Two hands? – Yes. – Not so close. Okay. (Sean screams) Flesh eating virus. Doctor, cut my hand off. – [Doctor] Calm down. I don't know what, tell me what to do. – [Doctor] Calm down. – I got it. – [Sean] Oh my… (bubble popping sounds) (Sean groans) (Adley clears throat) – Welcome to A for Adley. Me and Niko aren't feeling good today. (both kids cough) – How's everyone doing? Are you feeling, oh, you got a cough? How are you feeling, Niko? Ooh, you're pretty warm. Adley, let's check your… (Jenny screams) You've got sticker pox? (all screaming) We need to go to Doctor Dad. It's spreading like crazy, come on guys. Let's go. All right, here we go. – [Adley] Cereal on the floor! – Hurry, down here. Oh man, I hope he's in the office today. Let's go. Doctor Dad, are you here? Doctor, I have an emergency! Doctor, look at me! I have an emergency! – Hi there. Come get in line, let me check you in.

– No, you don't understand. Look, look. – All right, no, calm down. Everything is gonna be okay. – They have sticker pox. (Sean screaming) – Sticker pox! Okay, I'll help you, hold on patients. Go sit over there. – [Jenny] Please, can
you help, can you help? – Yes, you guys sit in the waiting room. I just need to wash my hands. – [Jenny] Okay, come on, kids. – Take some anitizer with you. – Thank you. Oh, okay, wow, that's a lot, thank you. – Okay, go sit in the waiting room. Okay, go, go, go.

(kids screaming) – Okay, right here, guys. – [Sean] Okay, waiting room's
right there, by those, yeah. – Do you guys need to cuddle something? – Unicorn! – Doctor's gonna be right with us. – [Adley] Ducky! – Well, hopefully this
doesn't take too much longer. – This is boring. Hey, Doctor, over there! Do you have any something
to watch while we wait? – Uh, yeah, there's a TV right there. Let me turn on some… Stay right there. – Wait. What are you doing with that? – Stay there, it's just a shot. (Adley laughing) No, stay away. I need a shot. Don't, sticker pox, stop! – [Jenny] Adley, I would sit down. – Ah, hold on, I'm sorry I gotta do this. Shot, ew! – Ow, okay. – I'm sorry, shot! (Niko laughing) – Fine, I'll sit down.

– Okay guys, sit down. – All right. Hey, you guys are gonna
enjoy this, guess what? This is our family doctor
cartoon, it's done! (everyone cheering) – Oh yeah, all right, I'm turning it on. Actually, I kind of want to watch this. Can I watch this with you guys? – Uh… (whispering sounds) – [Niko] Mm mm. – Yeah. – Yeah! – Yeah? Yes, okay! – As long as you sit by me. – By you? – Yep, you gotta come sit right here. – All right, let me just get ready. I like to be comfy when
I watch new cartoons. Really comfy. Okay, new cartoon, it's
worth it, here we go. All right. (Adley screaming) – No! – Are you sure you're gonna see the movie? – I'm just fine, okay, play the cartoon.

(Sean gasps) Oh, Space station Animation. – [Adley] Monkey's flying in the air. Monkeys! – [Sean] He got his nana. – [Jenny] Space monkey. – [Adley] Monkey, you know
the moon's not a banana? (tearing sound) (rooster crowing) (Adley yawns) Welcome to A for Adley. I have sticker pox, I
need to call the doctor! (energetic music) Ring, ring, ring, ding. (phone ringing) – We're getting a call, it's a patient.

Hello? – Yeah, uh, can I have
an appointment, please? I have sticker pox. – She has sticker pox. Yeah, come right in, we'll get ready. – Thank you, bye. Okay, let's go to the doctor. – Howdy, patient. – Uh, howdy! – We got all our doctor stuff
ready to fix your sticker pox. – Uh, here you go. – Oh, we need to take her temperature. – Oh, temperature, okay. I got that in here. – Uh, doctor? – Yeah? – Oh, that is not sanitary now. – Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Got this, temperature, temperature. – Are you sure you're a real doctor? – Yeah. – That doesn't go on her foot. – I know it doesn't. Okay, where does this one go? – On her forehead. – Forehead? There are sticker pox on her forehead. – Just don't touch them. – Okay, um. Careful, okay. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. 98.6, she's looking good. – Okay, yeah. – So you're looking good,
you don't have a fever. Okay, look right there,
do you see those symbols? – Yep. – Okay, you gotta read them to us.

[Jenny] – Okay, cover one eye. – [Sean] Cover one eye. Okay, what's on the top? – A boat. – [Sean] Uh-huh, and the next line? – Uh, a X and a O. – [Sean] Perfect, next line. – And flag, and a star, and a heart. – 'Kay, and next line? – [Adley] Giraffe, zebra,
elephant, and monkey. – That's not right. – This is worse than I thought. – Two hands. – Yes. – Not so close, okay. (Sean screaming) Flesh eating virus! Doctor, cut my hand off! – [Doctor] Calm down. – [Sean] What, I don't know what to do! – [Doctor] Calm down. – I got it. – [Sean] Oh my… (Sean groans) – Maybe I should take these off. He gets a little nervous. – Yeah, how about you do that and… – Hold the tray. – I'll hold the tray.

– Yeah. – Okay. – This won't hurt 'cause he
put the numbing stuff on you. (Adley and Sean scream) – Okay, put it on the tray. (crying) – Okay. – This is gonna take forever. – Okay, be careful. (Adley and Sean scream) – I didn't even touch you. – We need to give her a shot. We need to give her a shot so it's numb. Let me get a shot ready. Shot, shot, shot, shots. Okay. – [Jenny] Okay. – This is just gonna hurt a little bit right on the tip of your nose. (Adley screaming) – Are you supposed to do it like that? – Yeah, that's how you're supposed to… Can you feel your face? Let's see, can you feel that? Can you feel that? Can you feel that? Can you feel that? Can you feel that? – [Jenny] Can you feel this? – Perfect, it worked, okay,
take those sticker pox off.

No massaging the patient, okay. Take those sticker pox off. – Okay, whoo. – [Sean] Perfect. – That's a little better. – That shot works miracles. Where did you get sticker pox? – I just woke up in the morning guys. – What did you eat last night? – [Adley] Um.. – Did you eat stickers? [Adley] I just ate one sticker. (Sean growls angrily) – Huh? – That's why you can't eat stickers. Let me read the medical pamphlet thing. (pages flipping) – Patients who consume
stickers could possibly get sticker pox, so don't eat stickers. Thanks for coming to our doctor office. – We'll be open all day. – Tell all your friends, we love patients. – Bye. No more eating stickers. – [Adley] Okay. It's time for another nap.

(Adley snores) (lullaby music plays) (rooster crows) – Hey it's morning, let's go to work. (Adley screaming) – Turkey feet? (Sean screams) – Turkey feet. (Adley laughs) – How'd she get turkey feet? – I don't know. – This is so weird. – [Adley] I ate a turkey last night. A whole turkey. – What? – Why did you eat a turkey? (Both groan) – [Sean] Ears. – [Jenny] Okay. – [Sean] Okay, look inside. (Adley vocalizing) – I feel like I see a little
turkey dancing in here. (Adley vocalizing) That's weird, what do you see? – There's a turkey dancing. Look at this. (upbeat dance music) (Adley vocalizing) – Weird! – Eyes.

– Okay. – Eyes, let's check her eyes. – Eyes, okay. – Not with a needle! – Oh, do I hit them? – No! – What do I do? – We need the uh, binoculars. – Binoculars. (spring sound) – [Jenny] Okay, you look in her eyes. – Open your eyes. – Oh wow, they're beautiful. – [Jenny] Ooh, I wanna see. You can see the ocean. (wave sounds) – Yeah, she's crazy. – Well, she's got good eyes. – [Sean] You won't feel a thing. Ice those turkey's baby. – Here's one. (Adley screaming) – You got this. Try to pull your foot up! (Adley screaming) (Sean cackling) – We did it. Whoo hoo. – This is like a real turkey. All right, thanks Adley. I hope I never see you again. – Okay. – Stop eating red meat. – Oh, oh goodbye, goodbye. Thank you for coming, whoop. (punching sound) (Adley laughs) – Thanks for watching, bye. (Adley and Sean screaming) – Why did you eat it? Do not eat stickers. – Dad, Adley! – What? Mom! – My face. – What? Adley, Mom! You guys are all have sticker pox! – [Jenny] You've got it too! (Niko laughs) – I have sticker pox? – [Jenny] Yeah.

– No, Niko, don't eat stickers, ew. – Hey, you wanna take these off my face? – I can't, I have
sticker pox, who's gonna? – [Adley] You have Dad stickers. – [Dad] I can't do it. – C'mon help us. – Maybe we all just need to… – Get the tweezers. (Jenny screaming) – [Adley] Do me, do me. – [Sean] It hurts. – [Jenny] Oh no. – [Dad] Careful doctor. is he even a doctor? – No. – Are you a real doctor? (Adley screams) (Sean screams) – I think he is a doctor. – [Sean] Careful. – That's a big one – Ah, even the couch has sticker pox! – Oh man. – The blanket has sticker,
everything has sticker pox.

– Are you sure everything has sticker pox? – Adley, your tongue. – Ah. – [Jenny] Oh! – Ew, ah! Ooh, ow. – Ooh. Ooh! – Good job! – You did it! – Get rid of this sticker pock. – Yep, away from, okay? – All right. Let's just watch this actually. Uh, does anyone remember
what our cartoon is? – Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! – What one? – The hair salon one. – And Niko is in this one.

– Niko's so funny! (Adley screaming) Are you guys excited to see how it ends? – [Jenny] Yes. – Niko's like, Niko's always
like, I'm the boss now. – Yeah. So we've seen like the first
half of this story board, but this is the whole thing and it's a little sneak peak so you know what cartoon's next. – I'm so excited to see them! – Okay let me turn it on, ready? – Turn it on, turn it on. – Three, – [Everybody] Two, one, hair salon! (kids laugh) – [Adley] Wait, what? Morning pop, I'm up. Looking for A for effort. I guess it's morning, I
better get ready for work. Do, do, do , do. – [Adley] Why am I doing that? (Jenny laughs) – It's like your club house – Ooh, I like your salon. – This is my salon, and I do people's hair and nails too. Ooh, I got some bows,
hairspray, brushes, makeup.

Yeah I got a lot of stuff. (doorbell rings) – You got a lot of good stuff. – Oh, hello. – Hi! – Oh, hi! Would you like to get your hair done here? – I would love to! – Okay. First, we're going to
start with the spray. – Oh. (Jenny squealing) That's cold! – I know. – Ohh okay! – You have a lot of hair! – [Jenny] That's a lot of coldness. – You're a pretty good hair salon girl.

– Ooh! By the way, I was really cold – It really was cold water. – Are you done with the spray? – [Adley] Yes. – [Jenny] Okay! – [Adley] We're gonna need
to get a bigger brush! Let's try this one. – Okay. – Is your hair always getting crazy right after you brush it? – Sometimes. – Well it's doing that right now, I have to really brush it! Okay, now let's start with the curls. – Ooh. – The curls. – [Jenny] Don't hurt me. – Did you see her face? The curls.

– My hair's on fire!` What? That's cold! Okay, I'm like getting a shower here! – Let me get the mirror. – Oh, you're all finished? – Yep! You like it? – I love it! – You look so good! – I have had a wonderful time here! – Maybe you would like to work here. – No way, really? – Yes! – I could work here? – Yes! – I would love to! When can I start? – Today! – Yes! (celebratory music) – Hi is this the hair salon? – [Adley] Yes. – [Jenny] Yeah, what's going on? – He needs a hair cut.

His hair's kinda crazy. (Niko screams) – [Everyone] Niko! – [Sean] My hair is kind of crazy too. – Look how cute you are Niko! – I have to sit in the waiting room? – Dad's face. – Okay. – Water? – Okay. Okay what kind of hair do you want? – It's cold, watch out! – Spiderman! – Oh, Spiderman? – [Sean] Spiderman. That's a good haircut! – Yeah – Oh, spiderman? – [Jenny] You want Spiderman? You want Spiderman? Is this cold for you? 'cause it was really cold for me! You sprayed me in the face! – Ha, who let that spray? – Do not let Adley have a spray bottle.

– [Sean] Ah, why'd you spray me? See, even me! I'm just in the waiting room! – Okay Adley, what's next? Brush? – Um, I wanna look like a bun I was moving like this. – You want it in a bun? – Yeah! – Yeah, he likes to wear buns. – Spiderman kind of has
a little bit of red. Should we put some red in the hair? – Stop moving your head! – Niko, you gotta sit still buddy. – Oh that looks great! – Or else I'll cut your hair wrong. – Uh, do not cut his hair wrong. (Adley chuckles) – Oh, that looks wonderful. – Yeah! They cut all my hair off! Daddy, you awake? And then color. – Dad fell asleep? Okay there's your bun! – [Adley] There you go! – Do you like what you see? Do you like it? – Yes! – Okay good! Did his dad fall asleep? – Yeah, I'm bugging him.

– [Niko] Cut, Cut. – [Jenny] Is this the pranking salon? – [Adley] Yes. – This is a prank salon, look. (Jenny laughs) – Clip, clip, clip. – What, uh? – Again with the spray. – What, what? – [Jenny] Sir, you fell asleep! – What's this? What's on my nose? Oh, wow, his bun looks so good. Good job buddy, ow! But, what's on my nose? Who put this clip on my nose? – I wanna do your hair! – You don't even work here. Niko's going to do my hair? You don't know how to cut my hair. – [Niko] Yes! – Did you hire him? – You do not know how to do hair. – [Niko] Yes, yes, yes! – [Sean] No. – [Jenny] He now works here,
he knows how to do hair. – [Adley] C'mon I need to make some. – [Niko] Adley told me to work here. – She hired you? – Yeah.

– Congrats on the new job. Can the three of you just
give me a fabulous hair style? – [Jenny] Tame your hair? – [Sean] Yes, I just need
a fabulous hair style. Is it raining in here? I'm not sweating, she's spraying with wa- – Oh, this? Oh that's nothing. – Ow!, uh, why did I come to this salon? Hey. – Turn around. – Okay. – Turn around. – Now cut it! – Cut it? – We're just gonna do a little trim to be, – No, I don't want my hair cut, I just want it like nice, I just want it. – You're so sweet. – Only one cut, only one cut. – Only one cut? Okay. – [Niko] Only one cut. – I like how close Niko got to your face. – Yeah. – What was that noise? (Jenny gasps) I did not like the, oh
I remember this part. Sounds like a snake is in my hair. – Sss, it's just me. Sssssssss. (Sean sputtering) – It looks like a bird pooped on me.

– There's whipped cream on my foot. – A bird pooped on me, go! – Sir, this is whipped cream. Should we do this in the tub? It might be easier. – The tub? – No, sit down! – Okay. I'm never coming to this salon again. Uh, it's cold! Brr. – The cold water makes it feel better. – Are you sure about that? – Yes. – Oh, okay. It's like ice cubes in my hair. – Let us get you a towel, sir. – Let us get you a towel, sir. – Towel, towel, towel. – Towel, towel, towel. – And then we twist and flop. There we go. – Do I look luxurious? – Yes.

– You look super fancy. – Okay, this money is for mine and Niko, give them the
money for your haircut. And that's for Niko's haircut. – 15 dollars? – What, ten dollars! – Yeah, thank you guys! Thank you! – This is not enough money sir! – You are kicked out, you are kicked out. – I'm kicked out? – Yeah! – I'm leaving! – Keep your stinky cow! – Stinky? Boy, get over here! – No, Niko, you work here. (Sean cackles) – [Jenny] He works here! – [Adley] Niko, oh no! – [Jenny] Niko, you work here, come back. – Well I guess this is the end.

Thanks for watching, bye! Coming. – Coming. – Coming. (Jenny laughs) – That was a good cartoon! – I'm excited for that one! – My sticker pox are getting itchy We should go take them off. – Yeah, should we get our sticker pox off? – Let's get them off. – Everyone, to the doctor's office. – All right! – I think I just need to hit them. – No, I think you pull them. – No, I know what it is. (Adley screaming) (ding noise) (Adley screaming) – Hey, whoa, whoa, you
just got to listen to them. (heart beat sound) – Ah, no! – Just be a good listener! Ow, don't. – I need it, I need it! (Jenny screaming) – Do I have any on my face? – [Jenny] Oh yeah, this
doesn't hurt at all anymore. – [Adley] Oh yeah! This is super fun once you get the shot.

(Niko laughing) – Here, dad said rip it off of his face. – Ow! – Oh, here's another one. – Ow! For real, that's my neck – Here. – I only have one neck, don't ruin it. – [Adley] Necky. – [Sean] I quit this doctor's office! – Wait, wait, wait! Am I sticker free? – That's a fake! It's dad! – It was me, I'm not even a doctor. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. – [Jenny] Oh my goodness. Let's get him! Thanks for watching, bye! – [Adley] Come back here. (upbeat dance music).

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