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Abandoned dog lying in pain in the freezing for hours and the heartbreaking truth


We received a video of a dog howling in the cold snow . As far as I know, it was left behind by its own owner . It's a busy area but nobody cares about him 5 hours later we arrived and he was still there . spot we got in the video The snow was cold he just looked at us That look contains pain he wanted to get out of there I left some dry food but he didn't eat it either If he were the other dogs they would eat them all quickly.

What happened to him? he couldn't get up. Did someone leave him here or did he crawl here? We quickly took him to the vet to find out the cause At the vet it was essential to relieve his pain He looked at me as if to ask where this was I hope he would let the doctors examine him As I expected, explained Dirk still obedient His eyes were then filled with tears I was by his side to comfort him I really wanted to know what happened to make him this way Sometimes Dirk lifted his head and looked around me I told him that everything in He was safe here But the x-rays seem to be against us And I knew why he couldn't leave that cold snow An old fracture in the pelvis and broken left leg There was also a bullet in his body What happened to him was outside my imagination He had to rest to prepare for the operation Fortunately he liked the porridge I prepared for him I hope Dirk would overcome this difficulty Dirk went through a hard time for hours eration He was not allowed to go out then He only looked out quietly with sad eyes Whether he could run away r not was still a question .

Why would they do this to an innocent dog? A dog that is faithful and loves them unconditionally. And he deserved that, right? Two weeks later he was much better He smiled happily when I let him out But when he crawled to that door he was scared He didn't dare step out of the line at the door In the past he shouldn't go out And after a lot of effort the miracle came to us Our boy could get up and walk He also ate more deliciously than before Soon he would fully recover and be healthy He was also happy and liked to play with me At that time he considered me the world to him And a week later we were fired to go home A beautiful new life is coming for Dirk There he has us who love and protect him Thanks for watching Dirk's life changing journey Wishing you and your loved ones all the best Goodbye and goodbye

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