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A Pack Of Hairless Puppies Spotted… l Animal in Crisis Ep 342


Production crew: Hello, this is Kritter Klub Informant: You know the expression 'Someone is as skinny as a toothpick' it looks like a spynx cat you can see its bones and it looks like a wild animal.
I couldn't get my head around it even when I'm back home A call about a hairless and bony stray dogs… The production crew went to the said location Production crew: Huh? A dog shows itself up out of the tent the dog does look like a spynx cat, hairless He is too skinny, you could almost see thier bones through his skin Then, he starts to scratch his body His entire body is red and looks serious Production crew: There is another dog and it seems like there are more dogs like this Another one sitting in a corner all exhausted..

Production crew: It's okay, it's okay Terrified by the stranger, the dog started acting flustered What happened to them that made them like this? Local: They are ill, I think. They are always so spiritless, always Local: Oh, it's been a while now. I saw 4 dogs
when I started working out as spring came Locals say that they appeared last spring in that state One of the dog started walking towards somewhere Having a close look…we could see that it was drinking out of a tire Production crew: Oh my.. you were thirsty… in a tire, there is old and dirty water.. The production crew hurriedly got some fresh water for them and poured some dog food for them to feed on, too Once the food is ready, they come and eat it Production crew: There are beehives over there Now we see, in the place the dogs are staying, there are a lot of beehives So many questions are raised…

Why are there so many beehives
and what the dogs are doing in this place? Under the cover that the dogs hide there are dog houses and we even found a chain that looks like a dog leash We asked around the village to gather more information And..! Cafe owner: The dogs have an owner/ They do? / Yes The neighbour says that they have an owner Cafe owner: There used to be a beefarm, I think they
belong there Production crew: Is the bee farmer the owner?
Cafe owner: He must be. Local: I thought he brought the dogs to keep his beehives safe If it is true that they have an owner, why have they been so neglected? Not getting help from anywhere, they were living, relying only on themselves Locals stop by and give them fresh water sometimes Local : Come here and eat some and give them snacks, too At that time, a white dog approaches the beefarm One gets up and wags its tail out of joy! It's the first time that the dogs look so happy! Soon, another white dog came around They look like the puppies' parent dogs, but they soon leaves and the four puppies are left by themselves, again That afternoon a motorcycles enters into the beefarm It's an old man Production crew: Hello/ Yes? Production crew: We're from Kritter Klub / Okay
Are you the owner of this beefarm? / Yes Production crew: Are they your dogs?
Beefarm owner: No, they don't have an owner.

They just came here from somewhere PRoduction crew: So you're not the owner? / No, no Caretaker: They are not his dogs, they are stray dogs. They gave birth here one day and made a family He has been feeding them and taking care of them only because they kept coming here A stray dog that grandpa used to take care of brought puppies with him one day and grandpa started feeding the puppies, too, out of pity But, their skin condition has gotten worse and it wasn't easy to look for adopters for them Production crew: So how many dogs are there in total? / 6 Beefarm owner: The one with a collar is the dad, and the on without is the mom As the day is getting hotter, their skin will get worse.

We must rescue them ASAP We called the rescue team right away PRoduction crew: Hello/ Rescue team: Hello Upon arrival, the rescue team starts setting up the rescue trap right away Beefarm owner paid a visit around the time when we finished setting up the trap and… a white dog followed him after! as if he was waiting for this to happen, he doesn't fight it but goes into the cage Easy peasy Now, the puppies! Smelling something delicious inside the trap, they easily come inside Lures the other two in with a canned snack and… All four puppies are rescued! They have such a gentle personality, and so the rescue went so smoothly! Papa dog and the 4 puppies are rescued the mother dog is the only one left to rescue… but she won't show up Has something happened to her? Rescue team: I think we'll have to search around The rescue team spread out and start to look for her Yet, the mother dog is vanished She's not showing up. There's so many strangers and unusual things. It's very hot, too so
I think that's why she's not showing up.

We'll have to try again when she does Goodbye, go to a more comfortable place and get your skin treated
Take care of them~ I hope they go to a more comfortable place than here We took them to the hospital right away Vet: So skinny~ Oh.. this must be itchy I'll do a general check-up on their skin and will do a test to find out the cause of it (Detailed examination) Vet: Approximately, they are 4 months old tops They must have been born with normal skin and hair.

But, while living outside there could've been a contact
with wild animals or wild dogs which had contagious ticks Along with that, the puppies' immunity has weakened drastically,
the ticks must have spread the whole body and then the secondary infections could've been made which worsened the skin disease even further The skin disease spread their entire body because of their weak immunity, but, it's treatable! They had a severe tick infection so we'll get rid of the ticks and will have a medicated bath. We'll use pills and shots to make the skin normal in the very end They applied ointments on their damaged skin and bathed them with prescribed shampoo that boosts their immunity! After taking a bath, they look so different and pretty already! Vet: Wow, you're so pretty! Oh, this one just leaned on my hand They spend the lonely days on the street, neglected…

thanks to the locals, they could be rescued! We wish for all the happiness for them in their next chapter in life!.

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