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A Ghost In The House?: Cats Know The Answer👻 | Animal in Crisis Ep 313


Informant: Since some time ago, I hear sounds inside the house. A squeaky sound? Informant: A sound somewhat unpleasant? I think it's coming from above.. A plate fell from here on its own once. And yesterday evening also.. What I think is a knocking sound? Something like that.. A report that a mysterious sound is heard inside this house Her pet cats are acting strange too…! Informant: Binu and Ruby come up here and like, search this place thoroughly. They do that… so I can't touch here cos I'm scared.. Judging by cats acting strange around the kitchen, the informant suspects something is living in here Yet, after a search, she couldn't find any trace From other places in the house, no trace was found Informant: I wish them to find something.. what, why?? Don't do that you're scaring mommy Binu is looking for something in the multi-purpose room by the kitchen PD: It does look like he's looking for something
Informant: I'm so sick of it.

Seriously… Binu, do you see something..? Informant: Something people can't see. I think there is something that only they could see The informant suspect something invisible to human are seen to them! Informant: Binu is more sensitive about it Especially, Binu whos more sensitive is acting particularly strange Very often, Binu will turn on search mode and search thoroughly in the house Informant: Look, He sensed something again.. Why, Binu! Suddenly, Binu runs to the kitchen and stares on the kitchen wall Informant: They weren't acting like this..
PD: Really?
Informant: Yes.. .It started a month and a half ago.. From some time ago, they started acting like they are looking for something Binu's activities perhaps be the key to the mystery! Out of sudden, Binu sat down at the door and stare at the ceiling above the partition with Ruby There is nothing there…

What could have they been seeing? That night Binu is woken up and moved to the kitchen He sat down below the kitchen table and started crying in front of the sink?! He cried for a while BUT! Nothing was spotted on the camera that night! After a few days! Producer, HELP!
Help me please. Quick, this is urgent! PD got an urgent call from the informant PD: What happened?
Informant: I saw it! PD: You saw it?
Informant: YES!! I know what it is! Seriously, you'd think I was lying if i didn't take a picture of it Look!! I thought it's a roach, but it's a bat!! A BAT!! A BAT on the camera!! Informant: It was here Something dark was on the wall, so the informant looked at it Informant: When I looked at it closely, it was too big. And it faced up from the bottom bit like a dracula…

It looked up at me and it flew at me making a weird sound. I was lying down on the floor Bat even attacked the informant Where is this bat hiding at the moment? Informant: The last moment I saw it, Binu punched it once with his paw. Then I covered myself with a duvet I saw it clearly though, that Binu punched it The bat was bitten up by Binu, and disappeared… Binu: I paw-nched it like this Informant: I can trust my dear son Binu.. You protected mommy my son? By the way
where have the bat gone? Bats live in dark and cornered places.. Searching in places that are bat's possible hideouts..!! Bat is gone Informant: This is too creepy, it gives me chills. I think I should move out.. For the family who is scared to stay in their own house A bat expert has visited the scene! Bat expert: I came to see the bat?
Informant: Yes, there is a bat..

The expert is having a look at the photo! Expert: Usually, the kinds of bats that are usually reported to me are the kinds that live in the house or in the valley in the mountains, for example, a serotine bat or a pipistrelle This one looks like a kind of Myotis mystacinus… He can't say it certainly with a low-quality picture taken from afar The bat expert is searching for the bat Export: They like these narrow gaps
Important: Perhaps that's why Binu kept climbing up there? Export: Could be!!
Imformant: Binu..

Now i think about it, he went up there often! Export: You've witnessed Binu's strange behaviour
Informant: Yes! Out of the blue, he meowed here! In the gap between blindes, Binu seem to have seen a bat ..! Export: Here…or maybe in the sink! The bat isn't here at the moment! In the kitchen then? Export: The reason why the bat would hide here, is that behind the blind, it provides perfect temperature and humidity cos it is aired constantly.

It seems like the gap is too narrow, but it is big enough. A bat could definitely fit in here A bat could hide between the gap that humans think is too narrow! Searching thoroughly again.. A endoscopy cameras is brought in Not much is found Export: There is no body found, it means that it's hiding somewhere/ If it comes out again, then i'll capture it Decided to dismiss until it shows up again Export: Uh? It's here Informant: Eh? HUH? ARG!!!!! OMG As export sayt that he found the bat, all the family and the production crew is scared Where was he found after all this time! The expert looks up in the door! Export: In this gap… Ah ha! Here!!! A narrow gap that only a finger could fit in! A bat is hiding rightly! Cats have been looking up in this door a lot …

There was a reason…! However, why did he decide to hide here? Export: The bat fits in the fap perfectly. It's perfect to hide from predators. How could the expert find the bat… Export: As a maybe… I poked here and it was squishy. People will think that this is all fake for the channel right? That it's a fake..!! Informant: Thank god you found him whilst you were here!
Daughter: I was so scared Export: This is textbook hibernation posture
PD crew: It's hiding it's face The bat cannot stay here! Export: I'll take it out The export has picked it up from the gap Export: This is a pipistrelle, and it's a female unlike in the picture Turns out, it is a pipistrelle It lives in the narrow gap inside the house or in the wall
and in packs… By the way, is the bat okay after being attacked from Binu? Export: It's hurt it's wings…

She's healthy but… look, it's wing is damaged A large hole on her right wing Expert: It's ripped on the inside, the edge is where it's needed for flying. So, that's fortunate, if the edge was ripped, it'd been impossible to fly…
We'll see how it's getting recovered…. It must be thirsty as it flied. The bat drink well Export: Vats use a lot of energy. If they starve for only a few days, they will lose weight a lot. but also if they eat well for a couple of days, they will be chubby again Giving him food to energise him up Informant: I feel relieved. The fella lived and now I can live in peace. To treat her wing injury, we visited wildlife rescue centre The vet examined if the wing can be treated Vet: We'll use medical glue to put it together Giving her antibiotics and sedative to calm her down The wings can't be sowed but glued with medical glue Vet: It's winter so we'll let him hibernate here, and let her go in the spring At that time! She flies!!! Flying once the operation is done! Vet: She flies well!!
PD: Oh!! Vet: She's healthy enough to be set free as soon as her hibernation is over The bat is ready to return to nature! We hope you hibernate tight here, and go back home in the spring! Sleep tight until then~

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