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A for ADLEY Baby Day Care!! Hide n Seek with Crazy Roblox Babies! Adleys the Boss Twilight Daycare


– [Adley Voiceover] This
video is sponsored by WowWee. Assistant, are you watching the babies? – Yes boss, I am, I have
all the babies under– – Dino-mite came over. – Almost all the babies
under control, sorry. How did you escape? Ow, ow, you're running over me. Boss, you just ran over me with babies! I would never eat baby
food, that's disgu– – Please stop, this is for the babies! – Hey, boss, you're eating the puffs. – Hey, you're eating the puffs! – I'm not eating the puffs. No, boss, you're eating the puffs. Mama, don't eat the puffs! – You can't eat the puffs.

– Nobody eat the puffs, I lost the babies. – You lost the babies? We have the find the babies
in Roblox, they lost them. We lost all the babies! – Oh, I'm gonna get fired. Why do you look so sneaky? (Adley laughing) – I found baby, I found Gamer boy. Hmm, Richard! – Trash baby? – Richard! – Richard, do not play in the trash! – Wait, it looks like upstairs. – Ah, hold on, friend. I kinda need to do a
little bathroom break. – Okay, fine. Oh I got a stack of donuts! These are magic donuts all right. – Are you sure those turn you into a baby? – I stole the cookies!, I ate a cookie! I don't wanna go to baby jail! – Well, you should've thought about that before you stole a cookie. (Froggy baby bouncing) – Wait, what, Froggy baby? – [Dad] Sorry, he's been jumpin' all over. (Froggy baby jumping) – Hey! – [Dad] Sorry! – [Adley] Froggy baby! – [Dad] Okay, I won't let
it happen anymore, whoop! (Froggy baby jumping) – Froggy, stop it! (heavy drum music) Or else you're going to bedtime,
bedtime, bedtime, bedtime.

– Oh, that worked, he's so calm now. You're so good at daycare. (Adley laughing) – And the baby owl kept flying and flying and flying,
until he found his mama! And all the baby owl went
there to see the animals, was a chicken, deer, a beaver and a fish and a frog and a dragonfly and they all lived happily
ever after, the end. Okay babies, it's time for bed. No toys during bedtime, let's
put them in the toy basket. Okay, guys, time for bed.

Hey, what did I say about
keeping money in bed? – [Baby] Sorry! – Okay let's get all you guys to bed. One baby in the bed, two babies in the bed and Dino-mite in the bed. (Adley laughing) And Remote Control baby in the bed. Okay and let's, hey! (baby crying) Awe, stop crying. This girl always cries
when she goes to sleep. ♪ You're at Adley's Daycare,
you have to fall asleep ♪ ♪ You got to be good baby
and you have to fall asleep ♪ ♪ I'll take care of you and
you'll take care of me ♪ ♪ Now you shush and we
got to go to sleep ♪ Okay, there you go, okay
you guys are still awake. Oh, guys, no listening
to music at night time. And you, no wearing swimming
caps at night time, okay. ♪ Shush little babies, you're
at Adley's little daycare ♪ you gotta go to sleep. Shush, shush, shush, shush, shush. Okay, time to get back into
your blanket, okay, shh.

Hi vlog, welcome to A for Adley. I just got the babies to sleep. Now we gotta go get ready, shh, come on. (objects falling) – Sorry, is this Adley's Daycare? (babies crying) – Yes. – Ah, sorry I'm late, boss. I think I woke 'em up. (babies crying) – Ah, come on, okay
sign and then come help. – [Dad] Okay. (babies crying) – What's wrong, babies? Awe, it's okay. – Okay, I think I got, what? – I just got her to sleep. – Oh, sorry, where's all the babies at? – You're stepping on them! – [Dad] What? – You're stepping on them. – Ah, Babies! Sorry, oh, they're just little babies. Oh, she's in her little swimsuit.

Whoa, this guy is cool,
you have a gamer baby? – Yes, I need you to take care of these two babies while I
take care of these three babies. It's your first day so you've
just gotta take care of two. (baby burping) – Ah, she just spit up on me. – Oh, it's okay. – Ew, get a towel, get a towel,
wipe it off, wipe it off! (Dad gagging) Does that always happen? – Yes, that's why I always
do this when I'm doing that. – Oh, you have a towel, okay. – If I'm doing two at a time, I do this. – Oh wow, okay, sh, sh, sh,
so boss, what do we do next? Did they get a good nap? – No 'cause I just put them
to sleep and then you came in.

– Oh sorry, should I
feed 'em or something'? I don't really know how
to work at a daycare. I never even worked here before. – I guess we should feed them,
let's go get them some food. – Oh, do you guys want
some delicious cookies or maybe some pancakes or what
are we gonna feed 'em, boss? – Puffs. – [Dad] Puffs? – Yes. – [Dad] What are those? – They're yummy treats. – We're gonna give you some puffs. They're yummy treat,
don't even worry about it. These? – Yes those– – These look like little starfish. (bright music) You can eat 'em? I would
never eat baby food. That's disg- (Dad chewing) Mm! – Hey stop, This is for the babies! – Okay, just a couple more. (Adley laughing) – They're so good! Babies, you should get
a load of these puffs.

Here you go, these are, hey! Hey boss, you're eatin' the
puffs, do not eat the puffs! (Ashley laughing) – Hey, you're eating the puffs! – I'm not eating the puffs! No boss, you're eatin' the puffs! (Ashley laughing) – Nobody eats the puffs, let's
just get the babies ready. All right, who's ready to
eat, get ready little babies. No, Mom, don't eat the puffs! – You can't eat the puffs! – Nobody eat the puffs, the
babies are eating the puffs. Okay, the puffs are for the babies. (Babies chewing) Oh, hey, share with
everyone here, here you go. (babies chewing) – [Adley] Wow, he ate one. – Good job, Lil' Richard, okay! Oh, there's only two more puffs. Are you guys all full? I better eat 'em. (Dad chewing) Good babies, wow these
guys are good eaters. – [Adley] He ate it! – Good job, he's a hungry little guy. This gamer baby loves the puffs. Ugh, he's got dust all over
him, like a real gamer.

– Okay, now it's time for a stroll. – A stroll, what's a stroll? – A stroller stroll. – Oh, a stroller stroll, okay. – Put the babies in the stroller. – Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh. – Hey, that's not how you do it! – What, ah you dropped the baby! Boss, you can't drop the babies. That's the number one rule. All right, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh. Okay, let's go for a little stroll. – You don't put them in there! – Oh, you don't? – Yeah, yesterday, the lucky one was him, she was the first lucky one,
he was the one yesterday, he's the third lucky one, now lucky. – What do you mean lucky one? – The lucky ones get to ride in here.

They love riding in here. – Oh, see that's why I
was putting him in there. I know, see I'm a natural
at this job, boss. – What? – Boss what do you want me to do? – Oh, make their bed. – Oh, okay. ♪ La la la la la. ♪ ♪ La la la la la. ♪ ♪ La la la la la. ♪ – Ah ow, ow, you're running over me, boss! You just ran over me with the babies! Boss watch where you're
strolling that thing! – [Adley] Oh, clean up the toy basket! – Okay boss. Ah, careful you're running over the beds. – I told you to clean up the beds! – [Dad] I did! Boss, watch where you're
strolling that thing. Boss, one of the babies lost her bonnet. – Oh, it's Swimmy. – There you go. (doorbell ringing) Is that the doorbell? – Yeah, the doorbell! – Do have another baby? I'll go check it. Oh hi, welcome to Adley's
Daycare, it's my first day here. Okay, I'll introduce you. Adley, someone just dropped
off this little guy. – Oh okay, we'd better get his
things in the check in box.

– Okay, we'll get you signed
in, should I sign him in by me. – Yep, sign him in. – Okay, Green because he
likes the color green. What's his name? Check his card. – Froggy baby. – Frog Baby, Frog Baby. – Okay, so his name's Froggy baby and he likes to jump a lot. (Froggy baby jumping) – [Dad] He jumped right out of his hat! Oh look, he has a little frog toy, whoa! – Whoa, Whoa! – Whoa, careful buddy,
ah, Froggy baby, whoa, Ah! – [Adley] Dropped his hat! – Okay, I got him, come
here little fella, whoa! He's jumping all over! – [Adley] Froggy baby! – [Dad] All right, he's checked in. Where do we need to put his
card, in the card folder? – Oh wait. – Whoa, Little Richard's
card is gold, that's cool. – Put his card back. – [Dad] Oops, sorry. So do all the babies
have to have their cards? – Yes.

– [Dad] Okay. – Okay, his name's Froggy
and he likes to jump a lot. Oh, and he has a digital card. – A digital card? – Yeah, we take care of
babies in Roblox too! – What? – Yeah. – Do I have to do that? – Yeah, maybe. Okay, right now I'm just
gonna go check on them. – [Dad] Boss, what am I supposed to do with all the babies? – Just take care of them. – [Dad] It's my first day! Oh he's jumping around, okay, okay! – Do you want a bottle little baby? – [Dad] Froggy, whoa! – Wait what? Froggy baby! – [Dad] Sorry, he's been jumpin' all over.

– Hey, where'd his hat go? – I think he jumped out
of it, I'll be right back. (Froggy baby jumping) Whoa! – Aye! – [Dad] Sorry! – [Adley] Froggy baby! – [Dad] Okay, I won't
let it happen anymore. (Froggy baby jumping) Whoops! – Froggy, stop it! Or else you're going to bedtime,
bedtime, bedtime, bedtime. – That worked, he's so calm now. You're so good at daycare. (Adley laughing) – Oh wait, what there's a donut shop? When did a donut shop get into daycare? – [Baby] Donuts, oh yeah. – Awe, baby, come here, wait! Assistant, are you watching the babies? – Yes, boss, I am, I have
all the babies under– – Dino-mite came over.

– Almost all the babies
under control, sorry. How did you escape? – Okay, there's me and Dad. – [Adley Voiceover] Hey
friend my name is Adley. I lost my toys, I'm looking for someone that can help me find them. – Oh you were on your way here
and you lost all the babies? You want me to help you find them? Yes, I can help you find them. – [Adley Voiceover] Yes,
a toy finding mission! There are six different toys spread around in different areas around the map. – Okay, yes, okay. Okay, let me just tell my assistant. Assistant, I thought he was
taking care of the babies. Assistant! – [Dad] Mm. – Wake up! (Adley bouncing) – I don't wanna go to school. Huh, huh, what? – You fell asleep! – I didn't fall asleep, I
was just resting my eyes. – Where are the babies? – They're just fine, they were right. (dramatic music) Ah. (dramatic music) No, they're right here,
they just, I think they. I lost the– – You lost the babies! – Ah, my first day of work
and I lost the babies! – I was gonna tell you that we have to find the babies in Roblox.

They lost them, we lost all the babies. – Oh, I'm gonna get fired, oh no. (babies crying) Boss, boss, please don't fire me. Boss, I found one of the babies. I found it, I found it,
don't worry I found this. Look, one of the babies, she's just fine. She's just crying a little bit. Wipe those tears away, you're okay. She's just fine, okay, oh
her hair kind of fell off but that's okay, sometimes
baby's hair falls off. She's just fine, don't
even worry about it. I'm sure the rest are fine, let's just– – Let's check in the kitchen. – Kitchen, any babies
get into the kitchen? Boss, don't eat puffs
at at time like this.

– Baby! – She was swimming in the drink? – These are the baby's
favorite kinds of drinks. – No swimming in the drinks! The other babies have to drink that now. – Into the stroller you
go so not escape again. I got an idea, is our
puppy sleeping with one? We have a daycare. – [Dad] Oh hi, is that our daycare dog? – Can I check underneath
you, oh there's one. – She was taking a little
nap with our daycare dog. – Okay daycare dog. – Okay there you go Olive. And you need to go in
here and no more escaping. – The next baby is Froggy.

He said he's really good at
hiding and jumping though. – Froggy baby. – [Dad] Froggy, Froggy! – Well, I found this girl. – What, your gamer baby? Come here gamer baby. He's up here by our VR stuff. (Adley laughing) Hi little gamer baby,
oh, I got an idea boss. let's give them all their toys so they get distracted and don't run away. – Oh yes, where are they? – [Dad] Do you know
where their toys are at? – Where's the toy box? – I can't remember, oh, here's
the gamer baby's headphones. Okay, you listen to your
video game headphones.

– Share the toys! – Share all your toys, here you go. Wait, money toy, where's the money baby? – [Adley] Richard? – [Dad] Richard? – Richard! – [Dad] Hm. – Chocolate! – Oh boss I have no idea where they're at. Boss, why do you look so sneaky? (Adley laughing) Okay Boss, I'll just keep lookin'. – [Adley] Richard? – Richard, I'm onto somethin'. I smell chocolate, one of
the babies gotten chocolate. They're over here. (Dad sniffing) They're over here. (Adley laughing) Those babies! It smells like they're under the bean bag. I got 'em, I got 'em, I got 'em! (Adley laughing) Boss, why do you smell like chocolate? – I'll show you why, I
was looking for Richard, 'cause I thought he hid in
the movie night cabinets and I found this. – Chocolate, mm, this will
help me find Richard for sure. Okay. I'll definitely find him now. – Hm, Richard! – What, trash baby? – [Adley] Richard! – Richard, do not play in the trash! Oh my, how many babies are we missing? – We're missing, let me see.

– I'll tell you who we
have, you get the cards. – Okay, so we got Wah Baby. – Wah Baby. – Okay, set her by her card. – Okay. – Okay, Gamer Alex. – Gamer Alex. – Next we have Richard Ray. – Richard Ray, oh, here you go. – Swim Baby. – Swim Baby, got her. – Dino-mite. – Dino-mite, oh, Dinosaur baby? – Yes! – There you go, put her by her card. – And the last one is Froggy baby. – [Dad] We don't have a
frog in here. (Dad gasping) – A Froggy baby. – Froggy baby! – Froggy baby! – [Dad] Froggy baby! – [Adley] Froggy baby! – [Dad] Froggy baby? – Froggy baby, he's not up there. Woo! – [Dad] Woop, I just saw a frog jump. – No, that was me. – [Dad] Oh, okay. – Froggy baby, I have chocolate for you. (Froggy baby jumping) Froggy baby! – He just jumped right out, where was he? – He was hiding in the bushes. – Froggy, okay, do we need
to get him ready for pickup? – [Adley] Their cards stay here with us.

– Oh their cards stay with us? – [Adley] Yes. – Okay. – Oh and so do their
toys, those are our toys. – Okay, what about their digital
cards, their Roblox cards? – Oh, we need all the digital cards. – Okay, what do we need to do
to get 'em ready for pickup? – All we need to do is make sure they have everything they have. Those toys are the daycare's. – Oh okay, now let's fix his headphones. – [Adley] Your ponytails fell out. – There you go, all right. All the babies are ready for pickup! – Okay, I'll go take them
to their parents, okay. – All right, are we
taking them for drop off? – Okay, wait, we have to
get them their grades. Okay, so Dino-mite, come here. – [Dino-mite] Yes? – Did you do anything
bad today, Dino-mite? – Was she good? – Yeah, but one thing, you
jumped on me when I was working.

– Ah, that's true, no jumpin' on the boss. – I'll give you a A plus. I gave her a A plus. – Oh, that's good, she
did good, who's next? – Gamer Alex is next. – Gamer Alex. – I think you did pretty good today. I'll give you a A plus. – Oh he got an A plus, wow good job. Do I get a grade? It's my first day. – Oh, at the very end. – Oh okay, who do you need next, boss? – Cry baby.

– [Dad] Cry baby (Cry baby crying) – Okay. – She was kinda cryee today. – Okay, Cry baby, I
think you deserve like, she doesn't know the A pluses and B so I gave her numbers instead. – Okay, that's a good idea. – I think you earn a 2. – Oh a 2, wait is that good or bad? – Like, 1 is really good
and then medium is 2. – Oh okay. – And then bad is 3. – Okay, Wah baby, you gotta try a little
bit harder tomorrow, not to cry so much.

– Okay, now Froggy boy. (Froggy baby jumping) – Whoa, Froggy, okay. – I think you did really good today and I just drawled your picture and you're pretty new so
you should get a A plus. – Ooh Froggy boy, your first day A plus. – Last is Swim baby. – Swim baby, how'd you do Swim baby? – Swim baby, I think you did pretty good.

You always do your swimming lessons but today it was a busy day so we forgot. So I'll give you A. – Okay, perfect, is that all the babies? – Oh, one more. (Richard screaming) What? oh yes, Richard, right. (dad laughing) – Little Richard, what did he get? – You did pretty good, but
you tried to sleep with money and I said no money every single day. – No sleeping with money. – So I'm gonna give you a B. – B, Richard no sleeping
with money tomorrow so you can get an A. All right, do you want me to go drop them off at the parent's? – [Adley] Wait? – Sorry, don't chop off my arm. – [Adley] Your. – My grade, what'd I get, what'd I get? Did I get like a A,
what's better than a A? Like a Z? No that's not as good.

What did I get? – An F. – What, I, how, how did I? – All starters start with a F. Don't worry, you'll get better and you fell asleep and lost the babies. – That's kinda true, I'm sorry. I'll get better though, I promise. Thanks for giving me another chance, boss. I won't let you down. – Okay, you got it. – Okay. (Adley tapping head) Oh, thanks. – You're gonna start by
cleaning up the nursery while I drop the babies off. – Cleaning up the nursery? Ooh, I'll clean up the puffs, okay boss! ♪ Cleaning up puffs ♪ ♪ Cleaning up puffs ♪ ♪ My job is to clean up all the puffs ♪ (Dad chewing) – Okay, how's this place lookin'? – Almost clean. – You're not supposed to
clean up the puffs like that. Since they were on the floor,
you put 'em in the trash. Now they're dirty, the babies
always spit up on this floor. – I'm eating baby spit up puffs. – It's time to save all the babies.

– We did save the babies! – On Roblox! – I have two jobs. – You're supposed to remind me! Okay, let's go. – Okay, is this harder than
taking care of real babies? – Oh no, it's easier. – I hope so, 'cause I kinda
got an F on my first day of real babies. – After we find all the babies, I'm kinda getting tired
of being a daycare worker. Do you mind giving me a
potion to turn me into a baby? – I can turn you into a baby? – And you can take care of me? – What, how do I do that? – Oh, after we find all
the babies I'll tell you.

– Yes, I get to turn my boss into a baby? This is like a dream come true! – Then you gotta take care of me. – I have to take care of you? – Yes, it's all part of your training. – Okay, if you say so boss. Boss, my controller's not workin'. – That's not how you use it. (controller crashing) – Hey, that was a cool controller. – Use this. – Oh, it's keyboard-mouse, all right. Are you in Twilight Daycare? – Yes.

– Okay, I'm comin', I'm on my way boss. Digital Dad to the rescue. All right, hi boss. I'm here. – Okay, hi! ♪ I'm here, I'm ready to help. ♪ Now you need to talk
to these guys so they– – Oh, they're cool, that's like us. – Yeah, those are the guys that I talked to that they lost the babies. Once you talk to them,
they'll let you help me find the babies 'cause they'll
know you're my assistant. I forgot something. – What? – [Adley] One minute.

– Oh, okay. – Ah, the tickets, got it. We need to use these tickets and scratch them and
mark them on the code. – Oh we get the babies in the game. Okay, let's see how
this works, give me one. – No, wait, hey, hey, hey, one minute. – Okay, okay. – I'll get one, you get one,
I'll get one, you get one. – Okay. – Then I'll get one and you get one. – Two. – We all got three. – Okay, we all got three, let's do it. – Okay, let me go get the scratchers. ♪ Da, da, da, da, da, da ♪ Got it! Got the scratchers. – Ooh, scratchers should
we scratch some of these? – I'll go first. – Okay. – I'll have a dino scratcher. – I'll have a– – No. – Oh. – You get a ducky scratcher. – Oh, a ducky scratcher. – When you're done with one,
you just put them in a pile. – Got it, ah boss, what
are these codes for? – Oh they're for, so we can
put the babies in the game.

– Oh! Ah boss, let's find some babies. Where are these toys at? Ooh maybe I'll just get
a quick little donut. – Hey, where are you going? – Just gettin' a donut real quick! – No donuts. – Okay sorry. – We're in the middle of working. – I'm not eating a donut,
I'm just holding it. (dad biting) – Hey, you're eating a donut. – I am totally not eating the donut. Okay, I'm done. – Okay, come on we need to
go find some babies now. – Okay, let's go. Whoa, this place looks awesome,
I haven't been here forever! – Stop, stop! – Okay, sorry. – Okay, so. – There's a water slide! – We need to use, we need
a faster vehicle to ride so we can get there faster. I'm gonna ride the cat cart. – Hey, cat carts. – Wait, there's a cat in the back. (cat meowing) – I know, that's why it's called
the cat cart it's cool, hi! – Okay, now we need to go look for. – Don't drive by me. – Now we need to go look for a baby. I see one, it's Froggy boy! – Where? – Right here.

– Hi Froggy boy. – Got Froggy, I got Froggy boy. – Nice. – One baby found. – Okay. – I'm gonna get on some roller blades. That would be easier for me to get off. – Ooh good call, good call. ♪ Rollerblading dad ♪ ♪ I'm rollerblading ♪ (indistinct) ♪ In the sky gotta find,
gotta find, gotta find ♪ ♪ Baby time, baby time ♪ ♪ Baby toys ♪ ♪ Baby time, baby time,
do a twirl I don't know ♪ – Whoa, look at my twirl! – Whoa that was cool actually. – Daddy, I wanna ride the unicorn. – Ooh! – Pony ride, woo! – Hi little unicorn. Oh, come here little guy,
here I'm gonna feed you. (unicorn munching) Look I'm feeding this little guy! ♪ Da, da, da, da, da ♪ Okay, bye horsies, I
gotta go find some toys. ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun ♪ ♪ Swimmy, swimmy, swimmer little boy ♪ Ah, where are you lookin'? – I'm gonna look over here. ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun ♪ I found baby, I found gamer boy! (Dad laughing) I found Gamer Alex.

– Good job, miss! – Got it! ♪ Dah-ba, dah-bah, dah-ba, da-ba ♪ – Look, I just found the Dino girl! – [Adley] You found Dino girl? – There you go, Dino
baby, okay I got two toys. – I got two toys, too,
I'm lookin' on the dock. – Ooh, on the dock. – There's toys. – Babies, you left your toys out? I wonder if there's any beach babies. ♪ Beach babies ♪ Oh, there is the swimmin'
baby's out here, look! Hi, swimmer baby! – I just found Dino-mite. – That's your Dino baby? – I found Dino-mite! – That's kinda cool, all the babies are in different
places in different games.

– Yep. – There's a fun house over here, should we checkout the fun house? – Yeah, the fun house. – Skate on over, girl, do
you wanna see something cool? Check this out, woo, twirl! Whoa, you can skate while you're twirling? Ah, you just skated into the pool! – Okay how do I get up? – I came up this like
walkway thing, oh hi! ♪ Rollerbladin' in a play place. ♪ Ow, ow, ow, ow, ah, ow! – Daddy, I got an idea, I'm
gonna roll right down the slide. (both sliding) – Woo, oh that kinda hurt. Not supposed to roller
blade down the slides. – I can't get up, okay there we go. – Okay let's go, we gotta
keep finding these toy babies. – There's a playground,
let's check the playground. ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, bah-da ♪ – Good idea, I see a Little Richard. – Where's Lil' Richard? Oh I found Cry baby. – Awe, cute. I have four,
how many do you have? – Four.

♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, ♪ ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, ♪ ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, ♪ Let's go to this place! – Let's go to water park. – Whoa, I'm in the water. – Woo! – Splashin'! – Ooh, donuts. I'm not
eating a donut, don't worry. – Hey! – Nothing, I am not eating a donut. – You are, I saw you. – I'm not, I'm really not. – I see you, I see you, I see
you, I see you, I see you. – No, that's not me,
I'm not eating a donut. (Adley gasping) – Dad! ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun ♪ – Okay, that's kinda cool. ♪ Tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun, tun ♪ – Oh, I found Richard Ray! – Where? – Over here, in the
grass area, right here.

– That's my Cry baby. – I found Cry baby on the park and you found Richard Ray in the park. – Wait, we only need one more. – We only need one more. – What do we get if we find them all? – I forgot. – I have no idea, I can't remember. It's Adley and Dad, they'll
give us something cool. – Yeah, wait, what if
there's some at daycare? – Oh, inside the daycare, we
didn't even look, good call. – Wait, let's look upstairs. – Hold on, friend, I kinda need to do a little bathroom break. – Okay, fine. (bright music) I'm gonna check the bedroom. (toilet flushing) – Okay, I'm done. – I have no idea what baby I'm missing. – I don't know what I'm missing either. Do not see any in here. Ooh, I'll meet you upstairs. – Baby Jail, there's baby Jail? Oh! – What? – There's a kitty in jail. (cat meowing) – Where are you? – I'm upstairs. Oh there's a robot in the red jail.

And in purple jail there is a teddy bear. Oh, this is where you get the babies. – No babies on the roof. (both laughing) You get 'em out of jail right there. – Okay, so I'm at the play set. Is there any babies inside there? If I was a baby, I could
go in there right now but I'm too tall. I don't know if there's
a baby in there or not. – What if we have to be
babies to find the babies? – Yeah, oh hi there. – Nothing up there, we gotta keep lookin'. – Is there a baby in the library? – Smart baby, any smart babies? Oh, maybe there's a trash
baby like in real life. – Like Richard. – Richard, he just jumped
right into that trash. – Ooh, here's slime bucket. – How do we get out of
here? I feel like I'm lost. Oh wait there's a slide
right here, follow me. Actually it's stairs, nope it's a slide. – No, it's stairs. – I don't even know what it is. – It's a walkway. – I found, a unicorn. (both laughing) – I need the Swim baby.

– You think? – Yeah, I need the swim baby. And I know exactly where it might be. Is it by the horses,
that's where it might be? – You think? – It's not by the horses, oh
it's where Froggy boy was! – That was the very first one? Got her! – I got Swim baby! – You have them all, what does it say? – [Adley Voiceover] You are awesome! Good job finding all the
toys, hope you had fun! – You're welcome for helping. – That was cool. – Okay, now where's my prize? – Yeah, what's our prize? Oh new toy unlocked, look in your bag. – Toys? The babies! – Awe, you unlocked 'em. Awe those are, wait, so
those are toys we found. So now you can play those as toys but maybe the codes unlocked them so you can play them like real.

– Yeah. – So you have a toy baby and
the real babies with the code. Is that it, do you think? – Yeah. – I think that's it. – Did you find your last baby yet? – No. – Let me think real quick, hm. Oh wait, I need the cards
to think this through. I know exactly how this thing works out. Get these cards out, see if
we can think these through. – Sorry Froggy. – Okay, I found the Wah
baby, I found Richard, I found Froggy, I found
Dino. (Dad gasping) I haven't found the gamer yet. – Yeah you didn't find the gamer.

– Okay, so it's probably
by the video game arcade. Let me go over to that. Adley, I found him, you solved it. – Yes! – Right here, you found him! – I knew it– – Go talk to Adley to complete
your quest, we did it! That's cool. – Now, here's what you need to do. – What? – Potion time, you go
to the magic donut shop.

– Okay. – Go get me a donut that
makes me turn into a baby. – Okay. – Oh, I got a stack of donuts! These are magic donuts all right. – Are you sure those turn you into a baby? – Yes, let me just eat
these, how do I eat these? (Adley chewing) I'm eating one. – [Dad] Oh boy. – Okay, what baby do I wanna be? – Oh look, you can choose on here, look. that shows you the babies
and then you click 'em and then you put in the code,
what baby do you wanna try? – Dino baby. – Dino baby? Okay. – That's what I was gonna chose. – Enter the code, okay, what's the code? – Six. – Six. – D. – D. – C. – C. – Two. – Two. – D, D. – D, D. – Three, three. – Three, three. – Five. – Five. – A. – A, all right try that, oh, cool. – Okay, why am I not the baby? Oh it's probably in my bag. – Bag, oh it is in your bag, okay. – Baby! – Okay little baby, come here.

Oh, probably gotta get
these roller blades off. (Adley babbling) Hi little baby. – Slime, slime, slime,
slime, slime, slime. – No, come here, come here. – Look at the sign, it says– – No playing in the slime. – Slime! – Okay, I need to take care of you. What are your needs right now? You need to go to the
garden, get a checkup and go to class, all right. I don't even know where the garden is. – Garden, garden,
upstairs, upstairs I think. – Okay, I'm taking you upstairs.

– Garden! – Okay, here, hop on my back. There you go, all right, let's
find this garden for you. – Hey! – Where is the garden? – Is it on the roof? – Daddy! – Baby, where are you? Baby, ah, do not go by the stairs! Okay, we're not doing
the garden, we're doing. – Garden, garden, garden. – Where's the garden at? Okay here, I gotta go find the garden. I'm just gonna put you in
jail for a minute while I– – No, no, no, no! – No, no, just while I find
the garden, I'll be right back.

I'm so sorry! – Oh, he forgot to close the door. – Okay, it's on the roof, I'll go get her. Baby, I'm comin' to get you out of jail,
I found the garden. – Over here, daddy! – I'm comin', Baby? No, my baby. I lost my baby! This is just like in real
life when I lost the babies. – Daddy! – Baby, where are you? – I'm right here! – Oh no, oh baby, get over
here, hey get over here.

Come here, come here, hey. How am I supposed to get that baby? Come here, I've got chocolate,
baby, I've got chocolate! – Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby! – Come here, let me grab you. Come here, no, baby get over here. – Baby, baby, baby, baby. – Yeah, I got ya! Here, you're gonna hop in the stroller and we're gonna take you to
the garden, it's upstairs. – Stroller white. – Strollin' you upstairs. ♪ Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah ♪ – What! ♪ Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah ♪ – All right, we're upstairs.

– Garden! – Let's play in the garden,
that's one of your needs. (indistinct) – Cry, wah! – No don't cry, come here baby, come here. Okay, you're hungry. All right, let's go take
you downstairs to eat. What do you want to eat? – Vegetables. – Vegetables? Good baby, good job. – Donut, donut, donut! – Nope, nope, nope, not
donuts, we're doin' vegetables. No, baby, okay you were being a good baby. Do you wanna go back to baby jail? – No, no, no, no, no,
donut, donut, donut, donut! – Come here, hop on my back. – No, donut! – Okay, what one do you want? Blue, yellow, or pink? – Pink, pink. – Okay, there you go. – But first you gotta grab the food and then put me in there. – Okay, here's some milk. – You gotta grab the food. – Oh, I gotta grab it first.

– Cookie jar! – This is harder than in real life. – Cookie jar, cookie jar, cookie jar, cookie jar, cookie jar, cookie! – Do not get into those cookies. – I stole the cookie! – Yike. – Yum, yum, yum, yum. – Do not eat those cookies. – I ate a cookie, I don't
wanna go to baby jail! – Well you should've thought about that before you stole a cookie. This baby stole a cookie so I'm, Oh I'm giving her a bottle, hold on. She needs cookies and milk.

(Dad slurping) Hey, I'm being nice, I'm giving
you milk with your cookie. Okay, now you're arrested. – No! – Ah, ha-ha! – No, no, no, no! – You'll never escape, sorry
you little prisoner baby. – No, no, no! – All right, I'm gonna
go get your food ready and then I'll come get you. – I gotta figure out an
escape, ooh a tunnel, a tunnel. I'm in the sewers.

– Okay baby, I'm comin' back. – Okay, where should
I go, how do I escape? – Hi, I'm back at the baby jail. I'd like to grab one
baby, yeah, baby Adley. Yup, she's in the purple jail, thank you. (Dad gasping) Where'd she go? The sink, she moved the sink and escaped. Where is she, how do I find her? She's in the sewers? We've got a sewer baby on the run. ♪ Teenage Mutant Sewer Babies,
Teenage Mutant Sewer Babies ♪ How did you get there? I literally
lost this baby for reals. – I literally don't know how
to get out of here, for reals. – I literally don't know how
to get in there for reals. – Wait, there's a ladder. – Yeah, go through the ladder,
where will it take her? – Climb, oh I'm outside. – Ah-ha, she's at the park! I'm comin' to find ya. Oh, she escaped to the park. You're back in the daycare,
how did you even do that? – It actually took me, no! – Come over here baby.

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Come here, gotcha! All right, what are your needs? Oh you have a lot of needs. We haven't even been to the garden yet. I'm taking you to the garden. Ah, baby, where'd you go? Baby, she's on the loose! Ah, baby on the loose, baby on the loose! – Baby on the loose, baby on the loose! – Where's this baby on the loose? – Baby on the loose, baby on the loose! I need to go potty! But I'm too busy– – I see her, she's crossing the road! Wait, I have a question. – What? – Why did the baby cross the road? – Why? – I don't know. – To go to the donut shop! – Oh that's why, she's at
the donut shop, get her! ♪ To the donut stores, to the donut shop ♪ ♪ I wanna buy a donut. ♪ – No, she's in the water
I'm gonna get fired! – I'll buy. – Hi, you're busted. Okay, eat those donuts but no more. – Oh, look at all these donuts I have. – Okay, let's eat 'em and
then we gotta go back.

– Don't get soggy donuts. – You got soggy donuts,
you put 'em in the water! – I don't like them soggy. – Ew, uh-oh you're gettin' tired. I see it, you're gettin' tired. – No. (both munching) – Okay, those are delicious. Okay, get over here, you're tired. Oh, she's asleep, sh, look
she's asleep, perfect. ♪ Sleep little Dino-Adley,
you are asleep ♪ ♪ Don't wake up because I'm
putting you in the nursery ♪ ♪ Which crib should you
be in, maybe this one ♪ ♪ Now go to sleep Adley,
this video was fun ♪ That was a fun video, thank
you for watching our videos.

We had a blast playing with
the dolls in real life, and in the game, and we have
an Adley doll coming next year so that will be cool. And now it's time for me to stop workin' because I worked two jobs today,
I've been workin' all day! So goodnight little baby,
okay, I'm checkin' out.

Adley's asleep in her crib. – Thanks for watching, bye, wah! – Ah, I think she's crying! Good luck, I'm going home, bye! – Wah, no, wah! – Okay, I'll work overtime. Baby, I'm comin' back, baby, Adley? Oh no, I lost her again, where did she go? Adley, get over here! Thanks for watchin', bye! Adley! – Ah, thanks for watching, bye! (dad groaning) (bright guitar music).

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