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A Family of Dogs Has Been Thrown by The Roadside, They Are Crying Because of Hunger And Cold


I got a call, they reported that a mother dog and her kids had just been dumped by the roadside. It had just rained, everything was wet and freezing cold. They are exhausted from hunger and thirst. Puppies have just been born and still have their umbilical cord intact. They are crying… It is heartless to abandon these poor children. I hate the world. I hate everything. The mother dog is very scared and worried about her children. We had X-rays and tests, plus tests for 4 diseases. It turned out to be an old fracture in the pelvis, which had healed over time and was unresectable. The girl is not yet a year old and weighs just over 8 kg. We named her Bimba! Day 10: Good morning friends! They are amazing! Day 32: Today we received a gift for Bimba, this beautiful dress that she loves very much. She wags her tail a lot. Day 42: Bimba is a special dog for me, and I will take care of it.. 💚 The puppies are growing, they are extremely beautiful.

Day 55: Today, a wonderful day, 2 puppies were adopted. With new owners, I hope they are really happy. Thousands of wishes to these two babies..

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