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30 Scary Videos They Tried To Keep Secret


Coming up in this video… If you watch this, don’t tell a soul. Because these are the 30 Scary 
Videos they tried to keep secret.   
30. Loiterer When this early riser arrived at work at 6 AM, she 
didn’t expect to find her first customer waiting.  Posted to TikTok by @theblazebeauty, the worker 
exits the kitchen and enters the cafe area,   revealing a figure standing 
just outside the front window. She walks toward it. At first, you can’t tell if the figure 
is facing away from or toward the window.   But as she steps closer, it looks 
like the figure is facing toward it,   though you cannot see its face. The figure 
then slams the window with one gloved hand.

What is this thing? And what does it even want? Many in the comments are shocked 
that she even approached. Others   think he’s harmless and just wants a burger. What do you think? It’s the window slam that 
makes me feel like their intentions are nefarious. 29. Whatever This Is Not quite a worm; not quite a centipede.  What is this thing? Posted to TikTok by @jd_michael. 
He is wondering exactly that. The gooey creature is several inches 
long and has a worm-like body,   but it also has hundreds of skittering feet 
that, although vibrating, are taking him nowhere. The creature also appears to 
be oozing a yellow slime and   has an electric blue streak down its spine.  TikTokers are throwing around 
wild theories in the comments,   with some suggesting it's a “forbidden long 
noodle” and others saying it’s “updog.” But one TikToker, Big Panda, has a logical 
theory, writing that it might be a bobbit worm.

Although bobbit worms are deep-sea 
creatures, this one might have washed ashore.  Now who’s gonna put it back in the water?   
28. Dona Mary’s House What presence is roaming around Dona Mary’s house? Published by Kriselle Luna in April of 2022,   the ghost hunter captures the spirit blowing 
onto the scene as a seance is being done. The spirit then directly falls over 
those present, including the seer. A presence is again sensed in the background 
in what is either a window or a mirror.   Something again passes by a window, 
as they communicate with the ghost;   this appearance is more clearly visible.

Do you think this is Dona Mary herself? Or is some darker evil present? 27. We Don’t Want Any Trouble Stay safely inside your vehicle. And if you can’t…this is not gonna end well. Tweeted by @NBCMontana and credited to 
Maureen Gerber, this enormous grizzly   was spotted on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in 
Glacier National Park by a group of cyclists. As the bear ambles along the roadside, the entire 
group is screaming at the bear to “go away.”   The bear, on the other hand, actually 
seems to take no interest in them   and is strolling down the 
road, minding his own business. He continues along, completely 
ignoring them, until he’s out of sight. While many in the comments think the bear 
was out looking for a meal after hibernation,   Marc Moshman, can apparently see into 
the bear’s mind. According to Marc,   he’s thinking, “Humans are so rude.”   

Bally Gally Castle This castle in Northern Ireland has 
hosted a spirit for more than 400 years.   The spirit is said to be a demon child. Published by OVERNIGHT in November of 2021,   the team is spending the night in the boy’s 
most haunted “Ghost Room” of Bally Gally Castle. As they’re sitting around, they hear something.   It seems to have come from the 
direction of this spooky knight. Next, one of the team’s paranormal 
devices goes off in the bedroom.   It seems like the spirits don’t want him to leave.

The team then uses a kinect to detect the 
spirit’s presence. Just as one of the team   feels something on their neck, the spirit can 
be seen on the monitor, hitting him there. Back in the bedroom, he asks the spirit to turn 
on a light to confirm that he’s communicating,   and he responds. Then, he asks the spirit 
this question. The mystery grows deeper.  Later, they hear a noise in the ceiling, 
and their flashlight starts going berserk.   A moment later, multiple 
devices are triggered at once.

Is it the resident ghost of Bally 
Gally Castle making his presence known?  What is he trying to tell them? I guess for now this will remain a mystery.   
25. Alligator Climbs Fence If you think you’d be safe from an 
alligator up a tree, think again. Published by WATE 6 On Your Side 
and credited to Christina Stewart,   this crafty gator was captured 
on camera climbing over a fence. The scary creature is seen making 
his way up over the barrier,   nearly standing vertically at one point. The 
thing then climbs carefully up and lifts itself   over, and drops to the ground on the other side.
Many in the comments are shocked that the animal   can do this, with some calling it “admirable 
and scary.” Is the beast getting smarter? Commenter, TheAlpha sums it up, 
writing, “Everyone and everything   in Florida is just built differently.”
That really seems to be the case.   

Creepy Doll Maxim is on a mission to communicate 
with the spirits in this house. Published by Realized Alterna in April of 2022 and 
originally published by YouTuber Paranormal Point,   this ghost hunter may have made 
contact with the fiery depths below. As he begins his session at night, 
something begins to play the piano.   A doll is mentioned through the spirit box, and 
outside this window, he sees creepy glowing eyes. When he asks about the doll, 
he is simply told to find her.  And find her, he does.  He asks what the doll’s name is   and receives a scary answer. He is 
told to do a ritual with the doll. As he’s told it’s dangerous 
here, he hears strange screams.  He later lights the doll ablaze as part of the 
ritual. As he does, it raises its arm by itself. Is there anything more terrifying than this? Here’s hoping the demon was exorcized.   
23. Footsteps A security guard is walking up a stairwell 
on his overnight shift, when he hears this. Posted to TikTok, Symon 
Lockhart shines his flashlight   on the floors below and above but can’t tell 
from which direction the footsteps are coming.

But then they come running right at him. If your heart just jumped into 
your throat, you’re not alone. Some in the comments say they see a 
face in the door when he looks up. Do you see it? Is this what is chasing him?  
22. Night Security Do you want to play a game? Posted to the r/Ghosts subreddit by 
u/Responsible-Ad-8836, this guard in   Mexico often hears noises at night while on 
watch. He recorded this one while on patrol. While walking the grounds at night, 
he heads around the building,   when what looks like a man’s head 
pops out from around the corner.   The guard chases it around the 
corner, but there’s nothing there.  The Redditor also posted a frame-by-frame 
video to better see the figure.

Many in the comments are clearly surprised. 
Some point out how there are no feet,   while others suggest that 
it’s a grey extraterrestrial. Still, others say it looks 
like it’s playing a game. Do you want to play? I suggest that 
guard heads back in the other direction.  
21. Alligator vs. Deer Who would win in a swamp 
fight: a deer or an alligator? You’re about to see. Published by HazySZN in June of 2019,   this scary video was captured at Squaw 
Creek Reservoir in Glen Rose, Texas. At first, the fisherman 
thinks he’s looking at a huge   fish. But as he gets closer, he 
realizes it’s a deer in the water. The deer is no longer alive, and it’s 
being pulled down into the water’s   depths by something that is so far unseen. The 
crew is wondering what’s gotten hold of it.   They watch for a moment and soon realize a gator’s 
got him.

They then let nature take its course.  Although we probably all could have guessed 
that the gator would win this battle,   I’m sure we were all rooting for the underdog.   
20. Floating Sky Structure Submitted to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit 
by dingdongdingledude. This Redditor wrote   “My friend and I saw this weird floating 
structure in the sky. Has anyone else seen   something like this before?”. Let’s watch their 
submission and see what they’re talking about.

There was certainly some debate about this video 
in the comments. mountainaviator1 wrote “That is   the mysterious….radio tower. It’s obstructed 
by clouds.”, while thetripleb thinks it's a   “Weather balloon". What do you think this 
object is? Let me know in the comments.   
19. Abandoned Bunker Published by DARK GHOST 
Paranormal in August of 2021,   Denis set up cameras in a 
bunker hidden beneath a school. And this abandoned bunker in Germany 
has some mysteries up its sleeve. One camera captures a door slowly opening.   In another room in the school above, 
Denis asks for a sign that someone’s here,   and this is the response. In the bunker, a blast makes Denis jump; 
it sounds like it’s coming from this box.  Later, the light from his camera shuts 
off, and he’s left in the darkness.   Through the spirit box, the 
spirits tell him it’s a trap. Strange carnival-like music seems 
to be coming from the spirit box,   as Denis’ lights continue to malfunction.   He has no escape. The door to the room 
is locked, and he can’t get it open.  He is in the darkness again with 
only a lighter to keep him company,   while something unknown growls from the shadows.

Later, he is told through the spirit 
box not to come (24:46). He finds the   previously locked door mysteriously opened to him. After racing out of there with his equipment,   we can only imagine that he heeded the spirit’s 
advice and never returned. Which is a smart call. 18. Peeking Ghost What do you see around this corner? Published by artemorbid and originally 
posted on TikTok by @hauntedwesleyemanor,   this short clip is just one more 
proof that the manor is truly haunted. In a very dusty chamber of the castle, watch 
the corner of this arched doorway closely. What appears to be the figure of a small 
boy with glowing eyes peeks out for a moment   before pulling back behind the 
barricade. He seems to be hiding. Is this a ghost? Or some small 
kid playing tricks in the castle? Most in the comments think it doesn’t 
look human and call it “very creepy.” What do you think? I think we are going to be   left with more questions than 
answers for the time being.   
17. Holiday Spirit Bah Humbug. Published by DDark Path Scary in February 
of 2022 and originally posted to TikTok by   @naoya10kinoshita, something mysterious 
is happening in this guy’s house.

He enters the living room, where 
a Christmas tree is set up,   lights twinkling. No one is there, 
but as he turns around the room,   an object is thrown from a shelf. When he goes to 
retrieve it, he finds the phone has been broken. As he turns on the lights and opens the doors,   more activity happens behind him. And finally, 
right in front of him. Even as he flees outside,   the spirit isn’t done with him yet.
Does this spirit have no holiday spirit? Or is this the Ghost of Christmas Past?   
16. The Umbrella While exploring an abandoned place, an animalistic 
growling sets this ghost hunter’s nerves on edge.  Published by Beshan76 Altamimi in May of 2022,   this scary clip reveals that 
this place is still alive.  The growling voice seems to threaten 
the ghost hunter.

The next moment,   he captures window shutters opening and closing, 
and then a toilet lid shutting on its own. But it’s this umbrella that’s truly creepy. The umbrella is simply sitting on 
the ground. Then the ghost hunter   pans his camera around the room and back 
again, but now the umbrella has moved.   He captures it on camera moving again. 
Is the growling demon causing all of this mayhem? This man had better get out 
while he still has the chance.   
15. Paranormal School Class is still in session 
at this abandoned school. Published by Scary & Mysterious Stuff in April 
of 2022, this ghost hunter set out to explore   the school, which is said to be haunted by the 
ghost of a student who was found lifeless there.

After entering the school, he hears 
the haunting before he sees it.   A chair squeals across the ground, as 
it’s being dragged by something unseen. When the chair slows to a stop, he hears another 
noise. Going to investigate, he finds a swing set   in action, though no one is in the seats. 
Same goes for a second swing set nearby. As he continues around the 
playground, he hears another noise.   He races back to the school and peers inside 
the broken screens of the classroom windows.   That’s when he sees this.

Upon entering the room,   this upsetting sight scares him 
enough to leave this place…unlike   the ghosts of past students, 
who it appears have never left. 14. Evil Spirits It is said that evil resides here. This paranormal explorer is about to greet it. Ricky Velázquez seems to sense this reputed evil 
early on. He then sees this hiding under a bench.

While outside the structure, he 
hears a hushed whining or whimpering.   Shortly after, he hears what 
sounds like a bottle being kicked. Back inside, he senses something 
in his presence again. And then,   on an upper floor, this unexplained sound. Is evil still lingering? Ricky isn’t the only one who can feel it. 13. Old Fort Castles and forts often have 
long and frightening histories.  This one is no exception. Published by VaultOfFear in April of 2012,   a family was visiting this old fort when 
they captured something spooky on camera. The video shows a full-torso shadow figure 
appearing to climb the stairs into the fort.   A split second later, two 
crows flee from the windows,   we can assume disturbed by the apparition. Apparently, this site has experienced 
paranormal activity for some 4,000 years. Judging by this video, that activity 
isn’t going to end anytime soon.   

Demonic Doll While exploring an abandoned place, this 
paranormal crew found a demonic doll.  What followed next was shocking. Published by TOPPI in December of 2021,   Sergei takes this rickety staircase into 
the attic where he finds this creepy doll. After handing the doll to Nastya, 
they decide to take it with them. Sergei says they sat in the haunted home for 
fifteen minutes and heard noises that were   unfortunately not recorded. It’s unclear if 
their cameras malfunctioned or what went on.   But they have decided to try and communicate 
with the spirits through the doll. After the doll tells them, “let’s play,” 
the pair decide to pack it up and head home. But before they do, this happens.  Is this doll truly possessed? Or was it just exorcized of its demons?   
11. Caught Ablaze Have you heard of spontaneous combustion? That’s one theory about what’s happening here.

Published in May of 2022,   Hasan bar bar is investigating this 
creepy abandoned structure at night.  He turns away for a moment to look into this 
mysterious empty room without any floorboards.   When he turns back, a bag on the 
floor has caught fire somehow. He watches as the flame 
smolders and continues to grow.   It burns the bag away until there’s little left   but ash by the time Hasan puts 
it out with a ceramic plank. Now, the question is: who 
or what started the fire? I have a feeling Hasan is not 
alone in this abandoned building…  
10. Haunted Screams  Submitted to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit by 

This Redditor wrote “check   out this crazy scream we captured while 
spending the night in a haunted location   in Saskatchewan Canada.”. Let’s watch their 
submission and see what they’re talking about. There was certainly some debate 
about this video in the comments.   ladyMania wrote “i barely hear a scream. i only 
here regular noises and the 2 ppl talking.”,   while korntje wrote “Sounds like a cat [in my 
opinion]”. Did you hear the scream the uploader   is talking about? If so, what do you think 
is causing it? Let me know in the comments.

9. Bride Appears Do you take this ghost bride to 
be your lawfully wedded wife? I don’t. Published by THIAGO FURACAO in April of 2022,   this ghost hunter encountered a phantom 
bride that was forcibly married to her   husband in this haunted church.
This is what happened. As they first enter the church,   an unseen force slams the door shut and 
moves a wooden bench with great force. And then the fun begins. The bride is first seen as they are attempting 
to communicate with her using a spirit box.   Watch the door carefully in the background.  A pale figure passes slowly. 
The pair don’t notice it. Later, after they’re told to leave, 
they see the figure face to face.  Once they’re outside the church, the 
figure is seen standing at the altar.   As Thiago walks toward the church 
doors, they’re slammed shut in his face.  After watching this scary 
video, would you say ‘I do’? Let me know in the comments.   

Terror in  There’s some terror to be had 
in this abandoned structure. Published by Terror Al Extremo, the paranormal 
explorer first encounters these creepy bats   hanging upside down like untransformed vampires.
The ambiance is now set. And it grows, as the cameraman 
comes across this piece of artwork   painted on a stone wall (6:04). 
Is this divining what will come? While he continues to explore the 
area, suddenly he hears a scream.   This is accompanied by what sounds 
like a blast or some other loud noise.

Who is screaming out in this remote wilderness? And what was the sound that followed? Which one of us volunteers 
to wait around and find out?    
7. Phantom Falling From the Sky This unbelievable capture occurred on a 
rural road in the middle of the night. Published by Scary desk in September of 2021,   a crew was driving to an unknown 
location, when this happened. The semitransparent figure appears 
to fall directly from the sky.   It stays in place for a moment 
before shortly vanishing. Is this a phantom? CGI? Or do you have another theory? I guess this just goes to show you 
never know what you’re gonna see   when you look up at the sky.

Scary Sounds at Military Base Is there a ghost at this military base? Posted to the r/Paranormal 
subreddit by MultiFrapser,   this creepy sound clip was captured in 
a base for the Finnish Defense Forces. The Redditor explains that the video was 
cut out of the clip for security reasons,   but that it was recorded near a public 
road at around 10:30 PM in January of 2020.   Though it’s short, he said the sound 
continued for 45 minutes until 11:15 PM. The Redditor writes, “During 
the time I captured this clip,   I kept watch at one of the checkpoints that'd 
lead to the military base, or garrison.” He explains that the noise started to 
get quieter, little by little, until   it vanished. Another military personnel had heard 
the same noises the night before around midnight. He also describes the base’s surroundings: 
there is a town about 1.5 km away that turns   into a veritable ghost town around this time. 
There are also a central fire station and rural   industries nearby, as well as a railroad track, 
but only one rail line is scheduled to pass   there at a specific time and doesn’t make this 

On the opposite side of the base is a small   bay with only motor and sailboats that don’t 
usually operate at this time of day or year. Across from the base is a 
water tower made of concrete,   which is where he thinks the noise may be coming 
from, though he had never heard the sound before. He describes the surroundings 
that night as not windy. There are many different theories in the 
comments as to the source of this noise,   with some suggesting it could be the 
mysterious “sky trumpets” that have been   captured all over the world; others suggest 
coronal mass ejections in the ionosphere,   which have to do with the aurora borealis. It 
could also be “singing ice,” which is a sound   effect that happens when frozen soil or rock 
cracks after water seeps in and freezes. Some   also think the rhythmic oscillation 
sounds mechanical or like breathing. But Redditor Pauljs75 believes that the Redditor 
might be on the right track with the water tower   theory, writing, “Keep in mind when draining or 
filling the thing, there also has to be a way for   air to get in or out.

A lot of air rushing 
through a passage is going to make noise.” What do you think this is? Do 
you have any other theories? I think no matter what the cause is, this would 
be terrifying to hear outside at night while   being alone.
5. Eaten Alive This terrifying image is trending in 
the international YouTube community. Published by the channel, Unexplainable, 
the haunting image shows an incident by   which a woman is being consumed 
by a larger-than-life ghoul.

The woman’s legs are halfway consumed by the 
demon who appears to be at least double the size,   though only its face, arms, and shoulders are 
visible. It’s unclear where the rest of its body   is, but I’d guess a hole in the wall from which 
it’s crawling out is concealing the rest of it. I was unable to find the 
original source for this image.   But I believe it may be from some 
sort of exhibit, possibly for a movie.

That’s where you come in. Do you happen to know its origins? If 
so, share it with us in the comments.   
4. Ghost Dogs I thought all dogs go to heaven. Published by AwkwardlyQuietGamers 
in April of 2018,   this security camera footage shows a dark but 
busy sidewalk at around two in the morning. A woman is seen standing to the left. A 
dog or cat comes into view on the right,   as does another lady. They 
both pass by in the night. That’s when the ghost dog comes into frame. Unlike the last animal’s starker image,   this one is slightly blurred and transparent. 
It runs along the sidewalk and then disappears   out of sight. Meanwhile, the lady is 
making strange moves along the sidewalk. What is going on here? Is this ghost dog playing one last game of 
fetch with its owner? I hope that’s the case. 3. Caged Ghost If you’re going to cage a phantom, 
you’re going to need a bigger door.

Posted by Woh Kya Hoga, this footage 
shows you can’t keep a ghost locked up. The ghost hunters are holding an EMF 
meter toward a locked set of doors.   After a moment, something pounds against the 
door and then rattles it, trying to get out. I’m not sure what the context of this 
video is, but one thing’s certain:   whatever’s inside is not staying there.
2. The Red Car SS3 Paranormal was editing on her 
computer when she heard a noise.

She didn’t notice what happened 
until after she rewatched this video. Published by SS3 Paranormal in February of 2022,   you’re about to see what happened. 
Watch closely behind her. At this point, you hear what she heard. 
The YouTuber notes that it was a red car   that somehow managed to roll itself off the shelf. Do you see it? Just another of the many things 
they tried to keep secret.

I’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made 
it this far, why not like this video and hit   subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because 
I upload 4 new scary videos every week.   If you’re curious about what I look 
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1. Molly Stark Sanatorium This next video will deter you from ever wanting 
to visit the Molly Stark Sanatorium in Ohio,   if you know, it was on your bucket list. Published by URBEX HILL in October of 2021, 
the urban explorer explores the abandoned   former tuberculosis hospital, 
and what he finds is petrifying. He is on the second floor when he starts 
to hear footsteps right above him.

Is someone there? He walks down the hallway, 
where he hears them again. On the way down to the tunnels from the first 
floor, again, he senses something. The door   moves ever so slightly on its own, then moments 
later, you hear a strange sound, like a groan. Later, he’s leaving the children’s 
ward and walking down a tunnel,   when he again hears footsteps. They 
sound like they’re ahead of him. Moments later, in these same tunnels, 
this ghostly apparition appears to him.   He continues onward, clearly scared, 
but finds himself at a dead-end. Is he just seeing things? Nope. We all saw it too..

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