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2 PiNK FLAMiNGO PETS!! Adley and Niko Learn to feed and potty train new pretend pet animal friends


– Come on, you got this, go, go, go. (Jenny laughing) – Oh, it's coming. There she goes. (upbeat music)
(laughing) Oh, she's going to the bathroom. – That's a big one. Nico's attacking me. – Nico, no.
– No attacking. (growling) (squeaking)
(Nico laughing) – I need to go potty. (doll squeaking) (laughing) – It's dry. – That's like magic. She went a lot. – Oh, my gosh. – Flamingo, when you go
down, put your legs up– (yelling)
(laughing) – Oh, gotta go all over me. (laughing) Oh, there she goes again. – Flamingo. – Do you put your legs up
when you go to the bathroom? – [Adley] This video was
sponsored by Moose Toys. Yeah. – This is the weirdest video, I love it.
– There she goes, there she goes. – Hi, welcome to A for Adley. This is my leaf head. – [Shaun] This is Nico's leaf head. – Say hello to leaf head. – Hi, hi Nick. – Nico kind of looks like a lion. – Are you a lion? – Yeah.
– Let me see. – Mine kind of looks like a tree. – It does.
– It does look like a tree.

– A tree. – That's actually a good idea, let's do the game where we all write down something like an animal
that's doing something crazy. – Yeah let's do it. I got the perfect thing. – [Nico] All done. – [Jenny] Good job, Nico. – No one look at mine, it's a secret. – Do we have a bowl? Here, put them in here when you're done. Good job, Nico. – I drawed a flamingo
going potty on the toilet. (laughing) – Okay, put it in the bowl. – A lion winking. – I drawed a cheetah that
has a trunk and wings. – Holy cow, I hope I don't
get one, that one's crazy. – Hi daddy.

– Do you want to draw one more? – Yeah. – Here you go. – Hey guys, look at Nico's foot. – Nico, did you do that? Adley, no coloring on his foot. – I'll color my foot.
– No, don't color your foot. – Hey no coloring your foot. – I drawed a tadpole stuck in an anchor. – [Shaun] A tadpole stuck in an anchor? – [Jenny] I don't know
if I wanna get that one. – [Shaun] That's a good one. – So guys, let me put everyone on a team. – Okay. – So dad, Nico, on a team. Mom and Adley on a team. – Hey we're on a team Nico. Wait, that's my team. – You're my enemy, we're
about to destroy you. – Actually, Adley, Dad on a team. – Oh yeah. (yelling over each other) – We're gonna win, honey go. – No we're gonna win. – We have a secret best friends handshake. – So do we. – And then we do a cartwheel. – Let's do rock papers
scissors to see who goes first.

– Nico's attacking me. – No attacking. Rock papers scissors,
whoever wins goes first. – Against Mom and Adley. – On your mark, get set, what, they tied. – Okay one more, rock
papers scissors shoot. – What? Another tie? – Rock paper scissors shoot. (cheering) – We're the winners. – Wait that means I have
to pick what I'm gonna do. – Okay you're first. Okay mama, Nico, you guys have to guess. – We gotta guess what she's doing. What kind of animal is that?
– What's Adley doing? – She's sneezing. What kind of animal are you? – I can't tell you. – You're on your knees, you're a cat. – Yes I'm a cat sneezing. (cheering) – Okay, Nico's turn.

– Okay Nico, come here. – He got his own. Good, you ready to do some guessing? What? A lion attacking his sister? What are you? – I'm a bear. – You're a bird? – A bear.
– Oh a bear? – A bear. – Hi bear, what are you doing? A bear attacking his sister. – A bear. A bear sleepwalking. – Yeah (laughing) Good job buddy. – My turn. – No, Dad's turn. Oh boy, all right everyone try and guess. I will be making my grand entrance. (laughing) – Dad's silly. A bird digging, for gold. – Yeah (laughing) good job babe. I'm just that good at acting. A bird digging for gold. – Mommy's turn. – All right, what's mommy gonna get? – Okay. – [Shaun] All right. – Here we go. – [Shaun] A worm? (laughing) – A worm made of snow. – Give me that, I need that. – This?
– Yes. – A snake trying to eat a leaf? – Close. – A snake eating a lollipop. – Yes.
– Hey, you guessed it.

You're up, girly girl. That was a good one, mom. – What's this one say? – No. – This is a good one, get ready. (growling) – She's tickling me. (laughing) – Okay, you're something tickling. – You're a cat tickling? – You're a lion tickling? You're, tiger. – A bear? – Yeah.
– A bear tickling? – Yeah a bear tickling. (laughing) – That was a good one,
okay Nico it's your turn. Okay, let's see what that one is. – [Jenny] Okay, ready? Go. (laughing) – Is this one yours? – Yeah, I don't remember what it is but I think it's a
tadpole stuck in a anchor. – A tadpole stuck in an anchor. – Good job.
– Good job. It's our turn again? Oh, this is a good one, are you ready? – Do you need two people to do it? – Yes, I might need your help in a minute so stay right there.

– You're swimming? What is Daddy? – A shark. – But, what am I doing? (squeaking) (laughing) – Brushing your teeth. – A shark brushing your teeth. – I'm a shark brushing my teeth. Nico's turn. – Oh that one's mine. – [Shaun] That one's yours? – Yeah that one's a good one. – Oh boy. (farting) (laughing) – Is this appropriate?
– Going to the bathroom. – A flamingo going to the bathroom. That one's mine, that one's mine. – That one was yours? Guess where Adley got this idea? This is actually a real toy that she really wanted to play with so we got it to make a video. Should we get him?
– Go get it. – Go get him.

– This is all my idea, I wanted to do. – Welcome to A for Adley
where we teach flamingos how to use the bathroom. – [Jenny] Gotta go flamingo. – Let's open it. – I want the food. – Yeah there's food so you gotta feed it and then you gotta help it go. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. The flamingo's alive. Okay. (toy singing) (laughing) – Everyone quiet, everyone
be quiet for one minute. – [Jenny] Say something and then push it. (laughing) – I need to go to the bathroom. (laughing) – I wanna talk. I gotta go potty. – Is this guy going to
teach you how to go potty? – Yeah. – Nico, you got to get potty trained. (toy talking) how did you say it? Mine sings a song. – I need to go potty. – I'll go potty. – You need to go potty? Okay, set her on the toilet. How do we feed him? – So we're gonna put the food in here.

– [Shaun] Okay, we're gonna
put the food in here, Nico. Okay, we put the food in. Good job. Okay, that's our flamingo food. – And then we're going to feed
the Flamingo Adley, perfect. And then they're going to sing this song and then they're gonna,
oh put her in the toilet. – They're going potty. There you go, flamingo. Ours is going potty. – There she goes. (laughing) – Give her some more, there we go. She's eating it, it's going down her neck. – Oh guys, we needed to fill
the toilet full of water. – Oh yeah, you can't use
a toilet without water. We need water. – She's gotta go. – She's gotta go, get the
flamingo to the toilet. Hurry give it to me.

Okay, let's get these full of water, let's do this at the table. – Okay, here's some water. (toy singing) – Uh oh, gotta go, uh oh gotta go. – We need some water in our toilet. – Did you get this water
from the real toilet? (laughing) – No. – I'm gonna name her Pinky. – Pinky? – Hi Pinky, are you hungry?
– What's yours name? Nico, what's your flamingo's name? – Baby. – Baby? – Okay, when she says she's
gotta go, then we put her on. – There she goes, she's
starting to go potty. – I see, oh in the potty. – Oh she likes this food guys. – Oh, is she eating it all up? Hi Pinky, you like your food? – Ew look at all her poop. – We're building a potty
throne up here, so we can see.

Okay, let's watch. – She went a lot. – Oh, my god. Oh she's going. – Do you wanna see? – Oh my gosh. – That's a big one. – That is a big one. (laughing) Ew. – Uh oh, your toilet's
getting kind of full. – I think we need to empty this. Okay. – This is the craziest toy. – So this is how we empty the toilet. Can I use this bucket? – Yes. – And then we pour this back into here. – Oh, get the food back? And it's dry. – It's instantly dry, that's cool. – That's crazy, hold on.

– That's like magic. – Yeah. Hi Pinky, are you hungry? – You hungry, Pinky? – [Shaun] Okay, you gotta eat. – Oh it's like she had a lot right now. – She's gotta go, put her on. I like that catchy tune. – Come on you got this, go go go. – Oh it's coming. There she goes. She's going to the bathroom. – That's a big one. – Oh my god. – Yeah it's flamingo poop. Did you get it all out? All right, you guys are in charge of taking care of these flamingos
and potty training them. – No.
– Yeah, these are your pets. You gotta keep them going. – Hey, this was your idea. – Yeah this was your idea, Adley. – She's gotta go. – Give her some food, Nico. (toy singing) – She's going. – I love her little neck
when she's trying to go. – That's disgusting. Flamingo, when you gotta
go, put your legs up. (laughing) – Oh gotta go all over me. (laughing) Oh there she goes again. – Flamingo, when you go potty, you gotta put your legs up.

– Do you put your legs up
when you go to the bathroom? – Yeah. – No.
– This is the weirdest video, I love it.
– There she goes, there she goes. – Oh there she goes. – The sound when it lands. – We got some flamingos to take care of. Thanks for watching, bye. – [All] Bye. (soft upbeat music) – [Adley] This video was
sponsored by Moose Toys. (flamingos squawking) (farting noise).

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