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2 homes catch fire in San Leon; family reunited with 2 dogs


7.87 investigators think the House is being used as a conversion lab. So far, no word on any arrests also developing details in a massive fire in San Leon, that burned 2 homes early this morning. This happened off the Bay drive and Avenue P one home burned to the ground. Another was heavily damaged KPRC. 2 heated joins us live from that neighborhood with what witnesses are saying about this. Sophia. >> Yeah, good morning. We do know that 6 people were able to make it out of one of those homes, OK, we also now that to pets 2 dogs were reunited with family members after they had been missing for several hours. Take a look here at the damage behind me, the fire destroyed the home there in the center.

Just leveling it also destroyed a trailer and damage to homes next. Or the San Leon fire chief says they got the call around 00:00AM in the morning to the 1600 block of D*** a drive at least 5 different fire departments rushing in to help the flames so intense and winds. How winds helping to fan those flames spreading it pretty quickly. The fire chief says it started in the middle of the home. But so far no word yet on a cause. >> This one over here. It was pretty intense. The one in the middle of free and fair.
We’ve gotten the job that we We’ve gotten the job that we could knock down. >> And the good news is the family members were able to be reunited with their 2 dogs rowdy and bare. They tell Channel 2, they thought they were hurt in the fire, but they came running back up the street a few hours later. We also know that one man did suffer minor Burns to his back is expected

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