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2 Chainz Pets a $25K Cloned Cat | Most Expensivest | GQ & VICE TV


hey how you doing fighting this heaven nice to meet you nice to meet you I'm Elaine hallo Sinha I mean I'm sorry so what do we have here so this is a cloned cat get out of here yes okay so far I have two questions what's your question so since this is a clone cat is there like a real cat that looks like that one there is so there is an original pet and that kind of still alive and his owner decided he wanted to clone him and now we have a cat that is genetically identical to the original cat okay let's see the case yeah okay do they save the same stuff so that one's not for you this have a heart he has a heart he's a normal cat so he's a special breed of cat called a Bengal cat called a really big cat yeah he's a big boy and he's only nine months old dad is not gonna bomb that with a girl he's really sweet he won't bite anybody or anything okay so if you wanted to clone trappy you would take him to your veterinarian and your vet would take a little small skin biopsy from his tummy and then that sample comes to the Weiden pets lab and we grow millions of cells from the tissue and the cells contain all of trapeese DNA Wow and this owner has a four year old cat that looks just like this looks almost alike so some things that can be a little bit different in a cloned animal are the markings because a clone is just an identical twin but the shape of the face the shape of the ears the eye color those are all things that are genetically linked so we're going to be very similar so trapeze super mint like how would they act yeah temperament is something that is genetically wait isn't that amazing eyes so what's this cat's name his name is Benji Benji yeah that's Benji say what's up – Benji I have a question so if you were to clone for instance me boy I would like the person think exactly like me and copy me or have its own mind so give me a give me a roundabout how much would it cost to make a copy of track how much so we're gonna start with that preservation piece of storing the DNA and that part is sixteen hundred dollars just to get his skin off his belt yes well your vets gonna charge you a fee to take that skin but then we charge sixteen hundred dollars to grow these millions of cells from the skin and to store that okay and there's an annual storage fee that's one hundred and fifty dollars a year okay now when it comes time for cloning the dog cloning is fifty thousand dollars hmm cat cloning is twenty-five thousand so this is a 25 thousand dollar category $25,000 okay goats and sheep and cows and pigs we also clone horses are you some weed yep horse cloning is 85 right what cloning is hard it's not everyone can do it so that's one reason the price is so high yeah I'll go rub the cat y'all go do that B I wanted to rub the cat nice okay like a little pillow some sleep on airplane so say you have a girl cat but you clone it can you make it a boy or decison so no okay come on so she can finish education educating us in case one of y'all get bad I just have another one of you guys gonna replace you anything you want to exhale oh yeah what you want two eggs okay so if that cat named like that first I request you to tap out the question so if I go walks up to your door please like how would they ask [Music] and then you see I just walk away and they were signing another joke for you got anything you want to say straight from the true family the chains family over here well we've learned a process about cloning so they in catch so if this comes up in school you need to tell your science teacher that it's going down out here okay I won't probably won't remember all this stuff eNOS told us that's a car don't do good

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