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🥳 I Found How To JOIN Pet Simulator Z Secret Link, BUT Free HUGE PETS! (UPDATED)


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Z and they're giving me five options for pets
I don't even know what pay you are but I'm gonna pick the Hubert cat but why not oh look
at him we literally got the hubercat for free let's go okay now now we gotta check out some
things here we we got some hoverboards oh my god hey yo Big Papa Preston hoverboard be cool
big bubba preston oh my god this guy is rich as egg what in the world bro wait infinite
pets equip oh my huge cat's eggs uh yeah i'm pretty sure this does not exist in the real
pet simulator eggs i'm pretty sure i can't buy any no no okay so it's not gonna take
any of my robux wait omg lucky lasts 10 minutes where is OMG LUCKY uh let's see if we can
redeem a game code if we can let's try free okay so oh my god we just got like so much
pets what the heck huge axolotl huge dog oh my god huge cat and all of these pets here
huge dragon okay i just saved up like 60 bucks just now what the heck the mortise astra bruh
this is so hard to get so expensive what is that like 180 billion or something i don't
even know bro what the heck yo we actually could get like so many of these hoverboards
we get that cat hoverboard for free yo say goodbye to the mastery that's useless now
huh we've got the golden uh cat hoverboard too yo that's actually way massive what is
up here what the heck wait the podcast is right there what i'm pretty sure that wasn't
real before right we actually get the huge best of cat for free i wonder if we can egg
open or complete it come on okay okay that was that was a scam wait is this ready now
oh okay okay let's get a bunch of these and then we can try and get the the huge pixel
cat the huge cat or the the huge paw cap for free we gotta raise our respect levels all
the way up okay we got we finally got it oh my god huge
podcast so we finally got it right holy look at all these huge pets this is a dream come true i'm not gonna lie
oh my gosh imagine if this traveling merchant was actually real i i literally wouldn't cry
right now if i was to have this in the real pet simulator x oh my god but oh my god huge
pegasus hold up a second okay we're going to the uh big games and we're going to look
for that big pegasus the regular one so a big pegasus is literally worth nineteen thousand
five hundred and one oh no that hassle that's a lot of that's a lot of money right there
uh press the ain't no way ain't no way bro ain't no way but hey at least we got it for
free this is literally worth nineteen thousand dollars in in real life monies now we got
it in pet simulator x for free but this is pet simulator d like we just got like a free
nft pet for free what the heck no wonder why the game is being banned all the time what
the heck dude this is exactly what i've been waiting for this is exactly i don't mean to
sound like cat williams but this is exactly yo this guy is rich as heck too wait what
is that pen what yo yo yo i'm trying to talk to you i'm trying to talk to you bro hey yo
yo yo come come here yo did you get that big mascot pet he says what how did you get that
big mascot pet i said mad scoid how did you get that pepe bro use cold daddy what the
oh yo that's kind of sucks i'm not gonna lie so if i type in daddy ain't no way this is
gonna work right ain't no no bro if this works i'm probably gonna shut off my computer bro bro ain't bro ain't no way this work bro where
is it where is it oh my big daddy preston you know this is a real pet oh my god ain't
no way guys guys guys guys guys you guys always know that i always call preston big papa press
they made a pet head simulator z and they named a pet big daddy present that's even
worse than what i call preston we have got to equip yeah about papa president yo guys guys guys this whole time i've been
calling big papa preston yeah his name is big daddy preston now this is actually a dream
come true there's an actual pet named big daddy preston buddy also said to say this
jokes on you four three nine and then hi so we redeemed this right and what do we what
do we get what is what the hey wait who who is this what the heck what is it some kind
of animate here i have no idea who that is if you guys know who that is uh comment below
the zomly pet i have no idea who that is bro so i think we're supposed to do this uh dev
x moment what does this even mean all right do we redeem an oh my god is this big papa
preston as mr krabs oh he has money signs too like effects these guys see that oh my
gosh yo what the heck oh my god what just happened so we just gotta forget
a humongous trade here oh my god they're putting up so many rainbow huge pony pets what the
heck and the huge four oh my god they're trading so much goodness gracious guys imagine if
you get this trade in the real pet simulator eggs but for free there's a lot of pets here
oh i guess i would give him a huge cat and a huge dragon with best friend and royalty
and a huge dog and in more huge podcasts i i i guess there's so many he's reading up
right now this is a crazy deal right now you know there's so many oh my god we just got
him oh my god this is a crazy army why is this even a thing right now so row to 100k
what does that do redeem successfully redeemed wait what did we just redeem what the hey
wait huge cat ghost what that's a ghost cat wait what we just got a ghost cat you have
a a ghost huge cat i wish this was actually like in the real game that would be so dope
this would probably be like worth two or four trillion gems or something wait while that's
going we could actually redeem some pets wait we can be huge pony what wait we just got
a huge pony from this what we can just redeem them just like that we just gotta go to the
huge lucky cat wait okay so what's our third egg then oh we got a koala we don't bro get
out of here with your sleepy so talking bed what what in the world holy moly look at all
these easter cats he says oh he says oh nice okay wait he's trading yes we got it yes good
trade thank you so much oh my god we actually got it where is the easter cat oh my god we
actually got the huge easter cat yo there it is the huge easter cat your pets are are
are cool bro wait your pants are trash lol wait what wait what my pet is not trash i
just got this what what yo that just kind of made me sad a little bit what the heck
yo pierre you wanna come here

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