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이상한 남자들이 찾아왔다 Ep.1 Choco Milk Shake 초코밀크쉐이크


👦 Ko Hojung 👦 🐶 Lee Jaebin 🐶 🐱 Kim Seonghyeok 🐱 🧑 Park Seungbin 🧑 Chapter 1 who is there? These two guys who bother me are ridiculously the dog and cat I had when I was little We have to go back to last night to explain this nonsense The day before Geez… What is it this time? Sales don't match Uncle, I'm taking off Oh, okay It's Friday night. You're not doing anything? No Or do you wanna have a drink with me? Sorry, but I'm a little tired today I see You should go home and get some rest Okay. You should go home, too Okay What's that? Who are… Jung Woo! Excuse me? Jung Woo! Wait! Hold on a sec! Who are you? Long time no see, Jung Woo I missed you so much Come on…

Are you kidding me? You don't really expect me to believe that, do you? We're not joking around. I'm Choco and he's Milk We are the dog and cat you saved I should say I chose you as my butler You also named us I'm Choco because my nose looks like chocolate Huh? He has white chest hair so he's Milk Do you still have a scar on your right side? I scratched you while bathing me – It was pretty bad
– A scratch? I still feel bad about that – When you were little
– You feel bad? I ate the chocolate you got on Valentine's Day – and you got so scared that you took me to a vet
– I know.

That was crazy I sneaked into your backpack and you went to school without knowing – These stories are all about Choco and Milk
– I know. That was so funny Don't you remember you fought with a dog that lived next door and it almost turned into a family battle? That Chihuahua? – Yeah
– How do they know all about these stories? Come to think of it, those playful eyes do look like Choco He's chic and a attention seeker He definitely looks like Milk This doesn't makes sense They're really Choco and Milk? Jung Woo! Jung Woo! You really don't recognize us? We lived together for 10 years 11 years for me Don't you remember that time with us? I remember all about you, Jung Woo Of course I remember Choco and Milk That's us! Don't you think you've changed a little too much? What's changed? We're the same Jung Woo! Give me your hands Gosh, I think it's Choco That's what we're telling you Now you remember us? Didn't you miss us? Of course I missed Choco and Milk – But I never imagined this…
– Me, too I missed you so much, Jung Woo Jung Woo! This is the incredible situation what happened to me Oh…

Did you wash up? Yes… Thanks Why do you keep following me? Because I like you so much, Jung Woo Stop following me, okay? You are making me crazy Give him a break What did I do? We still feel awkward with this look. How would he feel? Especially you! Me? You don't look like a Maltese You are too… What about me? Too big…

You think you're small? Does he feel awkward that much? Of course. So don't push him too much Take your time… Jung Woo! Yeah? I will… I'll do it, I want to do it! What? I will! Hey!!! It's mine!!! Hey! What's wrong with him? Hey! He's telling you to stop! Just leave it!! You **** Troublemakers, Choco and Milk are back Choco! Milk! Please behave well I am so tired… Why did you come in? We've got to sleep, too Why here? Get out of here. Sleep outside Come on Get out! I can't sleep with someone else Come on! You liked sleeping with us I told you to get out Hey… Let's get out… Geez… Come out already Good night, Jung Woo!

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