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뛰는 개 위에 나는 개 있다.


Girls Planet 🐕: Open the door! We're visiting a friend's place today The 3 Rainbows will be coming with us! We're visiting a member of the ''Retriever Rescue" that rescued Byeol! It's always fun to look around a new place The Rainbows are fighting with the unfamiliar dogs behind the fence They're getting cocky because of the fence But they take a step back face to face Have fun with your new friends! 👩: Sonyeo, where is this place? Sonyeo's radar detects a swimming pool 🐕: Am I allowed to go in…? She didn't ponder for that long 🐕: Give me a toy One toy in 🐕: One more Sonyeo diligently takes all of them 🐕: Throw it again One shake is enough to hit everyone No.

1 bad manner at the pool She was enjoying the pool happily But a shadow approaches Sonyeo's private pool She meets a rival at the pool This fluffy friend is named Seola 🙂 I'm the top gun here! They both look like pool fans They're waiting for the toy Seola is a diving pro Sonyeo is actually a bit afraid so she only uses the stairs Seola easily dives in first Sonyeo rolls her feet from defeat 👩: You couldn't get the toy? Heh 👩: Let's go, Sonyeo! Seola takes the toy every single time haha 🐕: Get that dog out of here Another game 🐕: Hurry up and throw it! She didn't even leave the starting line Sonyeo is so annoyed by Seola Let's go again 🐕: You need to throw it better! She's never been humiliated like this before 🐕: Confused She resorts to getting a head start But it's no use, haha She keeps cheating and leaves first 🐕: That's mine! No, it's mine! A yellow card for pulling on the toy 🐕: Give that to me! Peacekeeper Ujoo is dispatched 🦊: Everyone, leave the area! 🦊: No fighting! 🦊: Safety! 🦊: Comes first! 👩: Who's the fastest? Taken and taken again The battle for the toy becomes fiercer 🐕: Where is it? 👩: Sonyeo, it's not there~ Sky can fly 👩: Sky, are you alright? Help me 👩: Come here, Sky Sky was saved promptly Seola wins again! After 1 minute, Sky returns to the water Halp me 👩: Why do you keep jumping in? They're evacuated from the premise 👩: I think Red is going in the water Red dives in too! Panicked swimming 👩: Geez~ You're such a bad swimmer, Red~ 🐕: Are you alright? The babies should watch from the side 🙂 🦊: Everyone be careful! 🦊: Safety first! The lifeguard is hard at work Sonyeo is a swimmer but Seola is a better swimmer 🐕: This is so annoying The bonfire burns warmly Let's dry the wet fur 🐕: This feels nice and cozy The meat is ready too The caretakers and the children all had fun with lot's of food here 😀 Please think twice before adopting dogs Visit our Instagram! *Click here to subscribe!

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