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Tracking the Roots – Cassava This cassava is so thick. Cassava Oops. It is broken. Oops. They are all old roots. How come there are so many stones here? Wow! It is too heavy. My goodness. You've ground it for two days. Have you finished? Only a small piece is left, grandma. Mmm. Well. I'll drop it. I won't grind it. Precipitate it for five hours Since the sunlight is strong, let me see whether it is clear now. Grandma, look, I can perform magic. It is really a thick layer. It has become clear. It is just that there may be not enough time. But I worry that the sun is setting soon.

The sun is setting. The sun is near setting. And the water is clear now. Dry it in the sun Wow. The starch is so dry. If it is not dry, it will go bad. Grandma, have you had milk tea before? No. There was no milk tea. Forget it if it cannot be ground further. You can screen it later.

Can we eat it after screening it? It will get finer after being screened. Grandma, we can have milk tea with light sugar, less sugar, and regular sugar. I'll make a cup of milk tea with more sugar for you. That will be too sweet. We love eating sweet food. Yes. Purple Sweet Potato Slices Sweet Potato Slices Taro Slices They'll be cooked after being steamed for a while. Brown Sugar Keep some sugar water. Clear Water, Cassava Starch I can smell the pleasant scent. Cassava Starch Ahao. Yes. Come and help me. Coming. Take it and roll them into balls with Axia. Roll them into balls. Make them look rounder. OK. What do we need to do? She asked us to do something. When I went to Apenjie, I bought four bottles of milk tea at the school gate and had them all. Really? One bottle was not enough for me. I wanted to have four bottles. After coming back home in the evening, I threw it up. White Sugar Cassava Starch Small quantities, several times. Boil some of the dough Oh.

Wrap it. OK, Apenjie. Put it here. Thank you. We can have it soon. OK. The balls look nice. Boil them until they float up Pearls with an Original Flavor They look nice and round. Yes. They need to be soaked in the brown sugar water. These need to be soaked for one night. I secretly tasted one. It tastes good. Mmm. Yes. Mmm. It is just right. They are exactly the same as those made in milk tea shops. They will become sticky brown sugar pearls tomorrow morning. Brown Sugar Pearls Wow! I love them best. White Sugar Hot Water Cassava Starch It is so sweet. Mango Pitaya Osmanthus Honey Rose Honey Matcha Powder Grapes Cassava Starch Mixed with White Sugar Water Steam them on a high heat for 20 minutes There is not enough firewood here. Whoa! How come you are so strong? Am I strong? Put it here. You are amazing. You can carry such a large pile of firewood. You used too much strength. Oops. The heat is too high. White Sugar Tea Leaves Wow! The tea leaves smell so good.

Clear Water Milk It smells so good. Ahao, come here to help me hold the skimmer. Eh? Where is he? What, Apenjie? Why didn't you answer me? Help me hold the skimmer. OK. You came just in time. Hold the skimmer. A little higher. Does it smell good? Yes. Ahao, use the block shaving machine to get some ice for me. OK. Milk Tea This grape-flavored one looks nice. Mmm, it looks nice. Little Bowl Cake Smoothie Sprinkle some purple rice. Brown Sugar Water Ahao, Brown Sugar Taro Balls you and Axia, take them to auntie and the others. Mmm. OK. Come on. Coming. Ask Axia to come to take a tray of them. Take it to them. Mmm. Wow! This food Apenjie made tastes good. It looks delicious. Let's go, Dawang. Take a bowl of taro balls. It tastes good. Does it taste good, auntie? Yes. Granny, have a bowl. It tastes good, granny. Have a taste. We'll go down to take these to them. Mmm. Have some taro balls. You'll feel more energetic when you dance in the evening.

Yes, yes. We've just had lunch. Since it tastes good, just try it. Grandma, I've been looking for you for so long. So you are here. I am here. Where could I go? Give it to great-uncle. Apenjie made this. It tastes good, great-uncle. You guys eat. Let's eat together. Take it. Does it taste good, honey? Have you had it before, honey? No? Is this the first time you have it? Take your time. Boba Tea Mmm. I'm almost done. I'll take it to grandpa and the others. Apenjie, wait for me. I wanted to make milk tea for you since it was sunny, but I didn't expect that after I finished, it rains. Here, one bottle for each of you. Here. Uncle, have one piece. It is sweet and tasty. I put some sugar and fruit. There is the scent of flowers. Come to visit my home when you are free, auntie. OK. Dawang, go back with grandpa.

We are going back first. Axia, where are taro balls? I gave them all to them. Isn't there a bowl of them? No. What about milk tea? I gave it all to them. Only one piece of little bowl cake is left. Oh, there is still one bottle of milk tea. After a day's busy work, the three of us have nothing to eat. Take a bite. You have it all. I've already had one. Let's drink milk tea. Let's share one bottle with three straws. One, two, three, go. You guys have it. You continue. Have more, Apenjie. No. Really? Yes. Are you sure you leave the rest to us? Well, thank you..

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