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One Fruit for a Table – Pepino Melon ( GinSeng Fruit ) (Zhu Bajie eats pepino melon.) Wow! I wonder what pepino melon tastes like. Is this pepino melon? No. This is Kadsura coccinea fruit. Kadsura coccinea fruit? Yes. This is called August blow open melon. Will it blow? Yes. It means it's ripe enough. The fruit inside is white after it blows open. I see. I thought it was pepino melon. No. Tomorrow we will go and get some pepino melon back. OK. Firethorn Penjie, is this yellow fruit edible? The yellow ones are edible, but not very delicious.

Um. No. Let's go. Let's take the other kind. Those red ones are better. Really? It's sour. Um. It's sour. In the past, when we herded cattle in the mountains, we ate this kind of fruit when we had nothing else to eat. This is ripe. Like small apples. It's sour. There's more. This way. It's all ripe now. By the time we get home, it will be all gone. I'll finish it quickly. Pepino Melon ( GinSeng Fruit ) The last time I was here, there was a lot of it here. Um. Let's do it here. Wow, look! The ones below are all ripe. Wow! Take the yellow ones. OK. Wow! This one is so beautiful. Is it juicy? It's really juicy. It's in string. These two are big. Wow! I like the bigger ones.

Don't look down on the smaller ones. The smaller ones are sweet. This one is so small. I'll take it. Wow! Um. Is it sweet? Penjie, I'll go and have some fun. Slow down and watch out for caterpillars. Wow, this one is so standard, so yellow and juicy. So sweet! Oh! It's so fruitful, in string. It's ten yuan a bunch on the street. I'll take some home. Penjie. Yes? Look! Heheh. What did you make? It's Laifu. It's cute. It has a small tail. The head and the feet. So cute. Let's go. OK. You give it to me? Yes. I like it. Heheh. So cute! Laifu, don't bite it. Come over. Dawang, eat yours, not Laifu's. Go and eat your own meal. Don't eat Laifu's. Laifu, you eat Dawang's. I'll hold you. Enjoy it. Don't be afraid. Hurry, eat Dawang's.

Eat it. Penjie, Dawang might get jealous. It doesn't eat its own food and it's eating Laifu's. Oh! Haven't we finished it? Why is there another pile of corn? Uncle Ping just took it back. Eat one. It's sweet. We ate almost 30 in the field. Then your stomach must be full. He didn't eat it. Only Sun Wukong ate it. Only Sun Wukong ate it. Yes. Sun Wukong ate peaches. Zhu Bajie ate pepino melon. No, Sun Wukong also ate pepino melon. Really? Yes. I saw it on TV. I see. I thought you saw it on your phone like grandma. I don't play with my phone. Then grandma is more awesome. I can't write my name properly even now. Of course I'm not awesome. I won't give it to you. Penjie, the grapefruit is so sour.

Do you want some? No, because it's sour. Here, have a pepino melon. It's so sweet. Laifu wants it too. You can't eat it. White Sugar Ouch! Glutinous Rice Flour Corn Starch White Sugar Milk Butterfly Pea Powder Sieve Sugarbeet Powder Coffee Powder Carrot Powder Matcha Powder Cover with Plastic Wrap and Poke Holes Grandma, you're back. Yes. Are you cooking dinner? It's still early. I'm not cooking dinner. I'm making some snacks. I see. OK. Pepino Melon Jam Whip the Cream Pepino Melon Daifuku Mochi Let me try it. Um. It's good. Come, it's delicious.

Wow! Wow! I want a pink one. Not too sweet. I didn't add too much sugar. Um. Good. I'll take one for grandpa. OK, take one for grandma. Are you hungry? I'll give you one piece. One, two, three! Heh! Um. So clever! Laifu. Laifu, don't go. You will scare people. Ginger Jujube Salt The persimmons are ripe. Penjie. Yes? You want persimmons? No, thank you. Woof! Neighbor: Laifu. (Don't scare me.) Hit it. Kick it. Laifu! Woof! Put in Cold Water Pepino Melon Juice Skim off Foam Vermicelli Broccoli Cherry Tomatoes Coriander Minced Garlic Chili Lemon Juice Light Soy Sauce Cooked Sesame Hot and Sour Vermicelli with Pepino Melon Stay a few more days this time. Great-uncle, you're here. Yes. Try the pepino melon. Have you eaten it before? OK. Grandma. Um. It's very sweet. It's sweet and delicious. Have a taste. It's good. They got them from far away. It's sweet and delicious. Hmm, it tastes good. Um. If you want to buy some, buy those softer ones.

Don't choose the hard ones. Because you don't have many teeth left. Yes. Wow! It's sour and spicy. Penjie, great-uncle is here. OK. I'll stir-fry the chicken giblets, and then the dinner is ready. What do you cut the pepino melon for? To stir-fry with the chicken giblets. A substitute for sugar. Heheh. You put the table out. OK. Chili in Soy Sauce Green Pepper Red Pepper Garlic Ginger Wow! A big plate of condiments. Time to cook. Add some lard oil, to make it more delicious. Spicy Sauce Light Soy Sauce Come. Dinner is ready! Stir-fried Chicken Giblets with Pepino Melon Tonic Soup with Pepino Melon Dinner is ready! Steamed Ham with Pepino Melon Let's have dinner! I'll go and get some good wine, great-uncle.

Please be seated. Here is the wine. I took it out for you. We don't take it out when only grandpa is drinking. You don't want me to drink it? It has been brewed for a long time. It's a good wine. Um. It's soaked with glossy ganoderma. Grandpa loves spicy food. Yes. Does this wine taste better than other wines? Yes. It tastes good. Um. Great-uncle, this bowl is for you. Let me see what it tastes like. Um. It tastes like tomato. Um. Um. It looks delicious. Juicy and delicious. Enjoy it. Wow, it smells so good. Grandma, have some onions. You love onions. Eat it. Eat more. Oh! Axia likes it and it must be delicious. Penjie, it's so spicy. You want pepino melon? Yes. Come. You've eaten so much pepino melon, and you'll become like Zhu Bajie.

Oh, my! Great-uncle, have some more. Grandpa, have this piece of gristle. Um. The ham is so delicious. It's stuck together. Eat and see what's the difference. Um. Um. Why is this ham so delicious? I put some pepino melon in it. Um. It's delicious. Grandpa, eat this. I'll eat one. Hmm, good. They're all good. So good! It's cream inside. It's really good. You don't have many teeth left. All my teeth have fallen out. I can't eat hard food anymore. It doesn't matter. Is it sweet? It's sweet. Grandpa loves sweet foods. Eat the vermicelli like rice. (Story of Their Youth) This piece of meat is small. Grandma knows how to entertain her guests. This one is small, just a little bit. (Story of Their Youth) (Talking about how awesome great-uncle was when he was young.).

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