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อย่าไว้ใจหมาตัวนี้ | Dog House 1&2


Hey, hello everyone! Look at my pet in front of me. This dog is really old, because it lives here since my grandfather,
grandmother, and comes to me! Most importantly,
try getting closer and take a look See its eyelid? it's so droopy! And its feet looks dirty. Why did my grandpa and grandma
kept this poor fellow outside all the time? So, I'll build it a house because this dog
is my friend since my childhood! Now that everyone is ready,
let's get into the game! Let's go! Build this dog a house
is not going to be easy, I need materials Hey Leonard, you there?
Hello? Love to sleep, aren't you? Seriously, after I look at him several
times, he doesn't look like a dog at all.

He looks like a cow
if we look from the front. Let's find the materials-Hm? What is this?
Someone left these planks here. Great, now this is
suitable for Leonard's house! Now we got some planks. And over here, looks like a garden saw. Okay, but they won't hold
together without…a drill! Really? Those will be enough for my house? Did you just said something?
Your eyes still close? I must be hearing things. Alright, let's get some more materials- Eh? Why did the garage suddenly open? Ohh, my dad saw me,
so he brought me more planks for the house! Not only all that, we still
need the hammer! Okay, all set! Oh there's a cement bucket here!
Alright! Hey man,
don't you think that this is too small? Nah, it fits your body perfectly. Err…wait a minute. Your ears…is so big? So I can hear you better with them.

And your legs…there are… one, two, three…four, five, six!? Oi, Leonard!
You have six legs!? What are you…hell hound? Not good, I need to locked
it up or it'll hurt me! Add the door, and use the padlock on it. And then, shut em up with this drill! Close it…I don't want to hurt you… Don't come out ever again!
…..Yay! And that's our first ending. The perfect doghouse! After that, we're back at the beginning. It looks like we can have a look around…

Can we go through here? Hmm and I can't jump. Inside the house. then?
Maybe we'll find better materials in there. Why is it so dark?
Mom forgot to pay the bill again? Wait, tha-Ah! Leonard! Please do not go inside the house. Why…WHY!? W-what will you do to me!? Our dog has turned into a demon. And it told us to not go into the house. …What is this game? Okay, I know exactly
how to get rid of this demon. First, we need planks, pile it over the dog and light it on fire! Hmm I'm actually hungry. No! We cannot do that. Can't go into the house,
can't build the doghouse… We didn't look over this side yet.

We might get-Oh? This looks like a cassette tape. Wow, this is so nostalgic. And then bring this to Leonard. Hey, I got you your favorite movie! I am a dog, I can't watch video. Human sure are really stupid. If we can't give this to him,
then I'll bring it into the house. The one inside might love it…
ok, hey! I know you're still alive! Oohh! That's my favorite jam! I'm not going to be fierce anymore! I'll show you my superb dance skill!
Look at my step! Woo! There! Oooohh!! My feet is on fire!
This song is the best, my dance too! Now we got our third ending We subdue the demon dog
by using the music…? O…kay. Okay I'm awake, and-Whoa!? Wait, Doghouse2?
This game has a sequel? It seems that our best friend, Leonard.
Want us to do something for him.

Well then, let's get into this.
Let's go! Our house is pretty much the
same as the first one. Only that it's bigger, and there's a lighting decoration. Some festivals I think. Now let's look around the house…hm? There's a toolbox over here! No wait, it's not a toolbox, but a boombox. What is that noise? Is this an alien code or something? Don't tell me UFO will come here. Turn it off. What a scary noise. It seems that there's no way to
avoid building Leonard a house. Wow, your nose is a lot bigger. Grandpa and grandma
treated you really well, I see. Oh, Leonard. I'll build you a home soon. If you like it,
don't forget to like this video! Then, let's find the materials. Look, his body has furs now. Also his tail, it's… Is this a blade or what?
Lemme touch- Blood!? Okay, what should we do first… It's an instructions on
building a doghouse.

We won't be able to build his
house today if we read all this. Well then, if there's no
materials outside, I'll go inside. Wait for me, doggy. This time our house has furniture!
Nice! What a brilliant house. We need to unlock the garage first,
so we can get the tools? This door should lead to-okay. Look at this finewood planks!
And a toolbox too! Grab it all-oh, I can't?
Need to open the garage first. W-W-What are you doing over here? Y-You stupid dog!
Trying to haunt me again? Get away! Shoo! Or I'll splash you with holy water! I just want my new house…

I know that already!
Let me take my tools first, geez. We need this red toolbox. Oh we got some nails. And then we take all these planks-
Whoa!? Where did he go?
Leonard! He just gone from the this place! And someone brought all planks here. Did I just throw all these
planks from the garage? Dang, let use nails on these planks. And now the hammer…where is it? It must be somewhere-
there it is. Wow…Eh? Wait… This toolbox was in the garage. Who moved it here? Hey, stupid dog! This is not funny! When this doghouse is finished,
I'll leave immediately! Ok, we got a hammer.

And hit the nails with it. Wow, the size is quite good. Hm? What's that smell? Someone cooking something in the kitchen? Hmmm…oh well. It's just a smell-WHOA!! Fire! It's a fire! Mom! Moooooom!! You left your oven on while working,
and you were caught up in the work that your neglected lasagna
burned down the house. Despite your situation, you are
thankful the fire alarm you installed that alerted the fire department
and saved your life. We got Neglectful Ending… We're back here again. Did you here that? Okay, there's something in the microwave. I need to check it out!
Coming, coming! Microwave, should be this one?
Ohh! Eh? It's actually a lasagna.

And who turned the lights off?
Argh! This is not funny! Mom forget the bill again, huh? Hup! well, everything is fine. That lasagna…can I have it? No! You can't just act like
this in the house, Leonard! There are so many legs… But this time it's not six, but eight! Are you a crab? Hey doggy, can you please wait outside? I'll build you a house as fast as possible! D-don't do that-oh god that teeth. Look at that set of teeth. What do you want?
I'll get it for you. Our supply of dog food just ran out. W-well, would you mind some lasagna? Right now, I want your life
more than the lasagna. N-No you won't have it!
How about this! You psycho dog! Who do you think I am? I'm your owner, and I can kill you! Oh god his eyes! You think that would work? I just stab him in the heart!
My god! So this is our first ending. It says that we tried to attack him but he was too powerful. Awwww a bad ending. We need to hurry and build him
a house to calm him down! He was so mad at that time.

Now, where's our tools?
What do we need? This looks like-ah! A roof! Place a roof on top. A toolbox, and we got a blowtorch. Okay, and we will use this! Torch it like this! And it's done, need to wait now.
Leonar-Whoa! Don't come near me! Close the door! Which door!?
Don't tell me-oh god! Man, no need to be so mad! You need a house, and I built you one, see? Stop widen your eyes like that! Can I stay inside with you?
Hm? Okay, now that he's in the doghouse,
I'll close the door! And lock it! Yay! And this is our second ending. We locked Leonard inside the doghouse. You humanely captured Leonard
inside the doghouse. The next day, you decided to
call law enforcement. but by the time they arrived,
they found that the doghouse was empty. You still wonder where he could have gone. He's still alive. Now we're back in the house once again.
There's something hidden in here.

A disc? Maybe this disc will calm our friend,
Leonard down for good. Stop doing a face like that -and listen to some music, alright!?
-No! I want to take your life! You'll burn in hell in my stead! Please give me some time
to turn on the music! Oh! There's a player over here.
My gosh that eyes… Let's see if this disc will save us or not!
Hup! Whoa! My body!
It moves on its own! It knows how to B-Boy dance too! Oh man! Your step is marvelous! Yeah! Didn't know I can do this, too! Well, I'll dance too! And this is Disco Dog ending, everyone! It's our fourth ending! You were able to soothe the savage beast
by playing him his favorite song. You decide to make the
most of the situation and entered into a dog dancing contest.

Where you and Leonard went on
to receive many accolades. Ending with a style! "Dancing brought prosperity"
is really fitting here. We're back to look around the house. This house got decorated
in a weird fashion. I think this toy is here since I'm a kid. It's a symbol of ABG. I don't know where's C. This painting is from King Panda. My dad got this from
the auction for 300,000$! Hmm anything else? This is my dad's favorite book.

Ok, we baked lasagna in here before, right? The smell must be really good too. I should take some…
Headache! Hm?
I heard people's talking around here. In front of us. Whoa! Comedy?
Is this a live show? Alright, ladies and gentleman. It's time for the show! Prepared for our best comedy show! Best comedy show?
really? Well, I'll sit here and listen then. Welcome our star of the show!
Leonard the Dog! Hello everyone, I have a story to tell. Just a few days ago, someone tried
to built me a house but I killed him. And he's the owner of me! What a creepy dream! Leonard told a joke that…
is actually true? I went to my grandmother's funeral before,
I saw a bite mark on her neck. At first I though it was a mouse. You…you ate my grandmother, huh!? You stupid dog! I can't stay here anymore! We can get out!? Faster! I want my house! Fine, I'll build it! Not fine, actually.
Let's find a way to escape! Who's there!? Hello!
Hi there, sir! Sir, please help me!
There's a demon dog! And it's in my house! He can't hear me? Sir!
Sir!! Wait! inside the tree!
It's-whoa! There's a fluffy rabbit doll in the tree! But, now is not the time! I need to get out of here! Finally, we're out of this haunted house.

Wait, Leonard is not tailing me, right? Left…right…ok Sir! please take me to the gas staTION!? Whoa!
Where are you going!? Press the code,
and you'll be free from this place. The code?
But I don't know what the code is! Whoa…it's so high. It's pitch black around us. Ok, gotta find the code now. Please excuse me for a moment! Okay, I got the code! That boombox in the corner
told us the code we need. If we cracked the code,
we'll get the number 1-5-8 and 2! Release me from this place already! What just happened!? We didn't get any ending!? Ok, we'll go back and-eh? and build Leonard a house again! Our tools! Where did it go!? Only the dog and nothingness… Hey, Leonard. Why are you still here? Everything, even the house is now gone. Wake up, Leonar-Whoa!
What? Leonard is in my control now. I am the owner of his body now.

Okay everyone, do you like it?
Building a doghouse. And now, this is the final ending
that I am trying to get. In this ending, we need to
build Leonard a house and don't let him go berserk too.
Ok, let's move out! C'mon, I need to hurry. He's planning to kill me. Ok, uh placing a roof! And then grab this blowtorch!
Then torch this! And at this moment,
we should lock ourseLF IN!! Close it! Yeah!
We're safe! And our third ending is that we
locked ourselves in the doghouse! It says that Leonard will not
wreck havoc on the public at large.

But maybe we should check
the news to see if that were the case but you're stuck inside the doghouse. It's a…mediocre ending. We don't know
if Leonard is harming anyone or not. Or we will survive or not. And our mom and dad
were traveling overseas. Dang it, I'll starved to death
in the doghouse! Okay, how is it for today? I hope you enjoy my doghouse building.

It is really an unusual experience with so many situations in the game. How about you?
Which ending do you like the most? And you like first or second game? Don't forget to comment! It's time to say goodbye now. If you like it, don't forget to like,
share, and subscribe! And turn on the notifications bell so you won't miss new video! I have to go for today!
Bye-Bye! Leonard will come to you
if you don't press like button!

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