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I'm gonna have a pet soon. – Me too.
– And me. And I already have a pet, but I need one more. Just can not believe I will have my own pet. Hi, beautiful girls and handsome boys! You see how many dolls
are waiting for their pets. Today we will open with you surprise capsule of the 2nd wave of Fuzzy Pets. Meow, wash me. As you know, guys, they are covered in fur, and we can not guess immediately What pet we got. We need to wash it first, wash the fuzz out. Tip, Fluff Ball. Who is in here? We, guys, will try to find everyone. Strut ur fur. This is a shampoo bottle. Open the cap and shampoo should be pouring out. And in fact, there are surprise bags in here. Look, they are rosy in this wave, and the bags seem to be also covered with fur. 1,2,3,4,5, 5 surprise bags. Let's check whose pet we got. This is a red fluffy with black eyes. Don't know yet, you need to put it into the water. Guys, and we have a bath right here.

Remove the toilet,
which lies on the base. According to the instructions,
we have to put the top part on the bottom part, pour the pet, but remove this cap. But the fact is that this pet
does not fit in completely. And for fuzz to fall off well, you need to hold it in water for a while. Therefore, I will do it like this. I pour some water and immersed the pet in it and let him soak there. In the meantime, check his accessories. Here is the chain for the capsule,
which fastens on the sides. A small accessory is a mug. It is pink, transparent with a metal lid. Another little surprise. This is a scoop with ears and a wavy tail. It must be a skunk. And in a big bag … I think I know whose pet it is. His swimsuit is very similar
to the SPF Q.T's swimsuit. Exactly the same.
And that means it's my pet.

I think so. And look, he is almost completely soaked. SPF Q.T.'s skunk's name is S.P.U. And in a yellow polka-dot swimsuit he is very similar to his owner – SPF Q.T. And we can assume that
the SPF family got together. Check what is hidden in the turquoise sand
in the toilet. Use the red scoop. And here is ice cream for our skunk,
that's all. The first owner found her pet. Keep looking, the second capsule. Hint, New Coat, new coat.

So they say about pets. Well, remember
who has a new coat in winter. Both cats and dogs should have
a new coat in winter, so they won't freeze from severe cold. The first bag. And in a big bag there is something very small. This is a collar with a turquoise bow. In the second bag there's a handle for a capsule.

In the third bag there's
a turquoise mug with a metal lid. This is a metal scoop with a feather. And here is a pet inside, black fluffy. Who is it? It seems to me that this is a bird. This time I will try to do
as said in the instructions. I will put the pet in here and pour water on in.

Maybe it will absorb water, but maybe not. See, it gets wet poorly. I guess I'll put it in here. Much better now. While he is soaking,
we will see what's in the toilet. And here're shoes. First and the second. And that's it,
there are only 2 shoe with white socks. Check how he soaks. He has a little face and a turquoise bang. Let him soak for a little more.
The third capsule. I want to get white fluffy. I wonder who is hiding behind it? It seems to me that this is a kitten. I hope we get this one. Tip, bath and watch. Bath Time. Guys, we got a golden capsule! This is a golden shampoo bottle. So here is some rare pet inside. And even the toilet is golden. In the first bag is a gold chain. Here is the second bag,
look what a beautiful suit. I wonder how's it wearing? Maybe like that. This suit looks like a Boss Baby's dress.

This is probably her pet. Here is a bottle of soapy water. We'll blow bubbles. Here is a scoop with a bone and paw on the end. So it's a puppy. Red pet. So handsome! Put him in the bath and pour some water. Let our little handsome guy soak. Soak. And let's check his toilet. The sand is shiny either. With the help of a shiny little scoop
we dug up sunglasses. This is the fourth capsule
of the 2nd wave of Fuzzy Pets. The tip is exactly the same.
Is it a dublicate? If the capsule is golden, then, probably, yes. Look, the golden capsule again. This is probably the same one. Although besides Boss Pooch we can still get Cosmic Rider
from the Glitterati club.

Maybe Cosmic Rider is in here? Let's find out. Here is a gold chain. This is another pet with red glasses.
Interesting. And the scoop is different, with a pink carrot. It must be a bunny. Here is another scoop for the monkey. And the bag is big. Is there more than one pet in here? Wow! This is a huge pet! He's just gigantic!
He looks like an elephant.

He doesn't even fit in the bath. Something tells me that this is not a pet,
but some kind of container. There are 2 pets inside. It's monkey Leading Chimp
wearing a bright lipstick and a Prickly Par hedgehog
with an interesting hairstyle. Check their golden toilet. There are a lot of interesting things. I think it's for a monkey – red shoes with white socks. And a flag and a tablet for hedgehog. And here is some kind of game. And this game is very similar to golf. I wonder, whose are these cute pets? This is my pet! Look, he has exactly the same red shoes
and white socks.

– Really?
– Yes. And my name is Leading Baby, and this is my little monkey Leading Chimp. Look, they even have the same moles. And we've almost collected one more little family. There is only little sister missing. I think we should put the glasses
on a little monkey. But I don't have an owner
for a hedgehog Prickly Par. Who do you think his owner is? Write me in the comments. And now let's see
if our pets in pink and in golden capsules are soaked enough. In the pink one it's not,
and in the golden is soaked. This is a puppy.
There is still some fuzz left, but it is coming off. And there's still a little bit left on the ear. This is a cute Boss Pooch's puppy.

He needs to wear a dress. So this is a girl,
if she wears such a beautiful dress. Put these trendy glasses on. Right, this is my puppy. And mine too. Look, guys, the Boss family also got together. Of course, I wanted a puppy for a long time. We have more and more family collected. Well, we continue to open the capsules. This time, let's take 2 capsules. Hint, fluffy ball and a baby, Fur Baby. And here the sun, boy and eye. Everyday I'm Groomin. He looks nice and neat every day. 1,2,3. Pink capsule with a scarlet toilet, in which there's a chain. Here is a huge blue hat with a cute blouse. Whose pet is that? Here is a pink mug with a red lid. This is a scoop. What is it drawn here?
Zzz. Wow. What kind of pet is this? Come on. Guys, he is also all fluffy and black. We need to soak him ASAP, to find out who we got.

This is a scarlet capsule with a pink toilet. This is a chain, scoop. It seems to me that this time I got a kitty, because a scoop has cat eyes and a tail. This is a mug.
It is bright orange, iridescent, pearly, with silver and yellow stripes. And here is a yellow-silver suit. He is so orange and fluffy. Put him in the bath to soak. And open 3 more capsules. To be honest, I love new surprise capsules. Later when there are a lot of them in the store, and they become outdated,
it is no longer interesting to open them. A hint, bath time. Here is also a golden capsule. We are lucky today with the golden capsules. Let's see what's the hint in this capsule, in a shampoo bottle. The hint is the same. Everyday I'm grooming. And here is a pink capsule.

And the third capsule.
Let's see what color it is. It's scarlet. Hint, New Coat. Well, 3 capsules are ready. Let's start, of course, with golden one. Oh, what is this laying separately? It seems to me that
it’s great to do DIYs with this thing, a shower for a doll for example. Here you can attach a plastic straw and make a shower. We have a lot of surprises here. In the first surprise bag is a chain. In the second one there is a shiny scoop.

And it seems to me
that we got a horse or a pony, because here is a horseshoe
and a gnawed apple on top. And here are huge headphones
and a very beautiful suit. And there is purple glitter everywhere. This is a pink-pearl mug with a purple shiny lid. And we don't know yet what kind of pet we'll get, because it is fuzzy at first. But we can already guess by its pretty hairstyle. Well, first, immerse it in the bath
and pour water. Check if our pets are soaked. This little black one is soaked well. His entire black coat peels off. It seems to me that this is some kind of poodle. He is all blond,
but was in a black fur coat.

Guys, this is the lamb
with red bows on the sides. She wears a pretty blue hat and a cute blue blouse. She looks a lot like a cowgirl. Check what is hidden in her toilet. Again here's turquoise sand and blue scoop. And what have we dug up here? This is a red scarf. I wonder whose pet this is, whose name is Lamb Dancer? This is my pet! My name is Line Dancer, and this is my lamb. It's a pity that I don't have
a sister for Line Dancer. But you know, this hat reminds me of something, the hat of cowboy Do-Si-Dude. He's also a good dancer. Now we have a sister, brother and their pet. Let's check the orange pet. This is a kitten. He is completely clean now. This is a cute kitten with turquoise eyes. He's wearing a nice orange suit. And the mug fits this suit perfectly. Check for another accessory for a kitten
in the toilet.

Look, these are roller skates. Wow, for every paw. Fancy and cute roller skates, we put them on each paw. Here is a fancy kitty! I have never seen kittens like this one. Probably this one is my favorite. His name is Boogie Kitty. And this pet is Boogie Babe's,
but I don’t have her. I only have her little sister. Check a pet from the golden capsule whether he's cleaned up. He's completely cleaned up. Look how beautiful he is! The color of the chameleon! Cute pony. And if it were a horn,
then she would be a unicorn. With shiny hooves, shiny tail and mane. She even has shiny eye shadows. And the ears inside are also shiny. Look, and she has a mark – a star! It's like Twlilght Sparkle, only very dark. She has a beautiful dress,
also with shiny inserts. Headphones are also shiny. The scoop and mug are shiny.

Check what else is in the toilet with a shiny sand. And already something falls out of here. Shiny bottle – Star Stuff. It contains some kind of star liquid. Or maybe this is the name of the perfume. This is my pony. This is Cosmic Queen's little sister. Although I should have her,
but I can't find her. Either I lost her, or gave to some girl. And now, unfortunately, the family
is not quite complete. Check who we got in these two capsules. Scarlet one with a pink toilet. Chain. What a cute little dress with stars, pale pink. Scoop. There must be a kitty inside. A bottle of soapy liquid to make bubbles. And the last bag with a pink fluffy inside. Scarlet, exactly the same as the capsule.

Put it in it, and pour some water
into this capsule, our bath, so that the pet is soaked. In the meantime, check the pink capsule. And here the toilet is dark pink. The first bag. Scoop. Oh, we must got another skunk. The second bag. Leopard mug. The third bag.
Suit, also with leopard pattern. Fourth. Chain. Fifth. I'm already guessing by its hairstyle,
whose pet it is. But we do not see its pattern yet,
the way it really looks. For that, put it in the bath and pour some water. Let it soak. In the meantime, check their toilets. Light pink. Here is pink sand.
And here we got perfume again. Courage Rawr. And dark pink toilet. And here is the scarlet sand. And shoes are already falling from here. Dark pink on a black platform. And now we have a shoe on each paw. Well, now I want to check
whether my pet has washed off, it has been soaking for while now. He is not washed off,
but he is well-soaked. And this guys, a bird with turquoise hair, silver wings and tail. And this is Tinz's pet.

His name is Wizard of Owl. He has a cute collar. Pretty owl. And shoes with white socks. Yes! This is my pet!
Wizard of Owl. And we, guys, collected another family. Tinz family. And now let's check
whether these pets have washed off. Well. It seems so. Both pets washed off, guys. One still has a little bit of fur. So, the first one is a skunk. With white hair,
exactly the same bow as her owner – the girl Diva. All black with a white stripe. And an star on the side. To be more like her owner, she puts on a pretty suit. And look at these claws! Diva girl painted her nails! Wow! We put shoes on her all 4 paws. – Look, it's our pet!
– Yes! And our pet has 2 owners. And Cowardly Kitty – kitten with interesting spots, the most brave kitten in a beautiful dress, who likes to wear nice perfume
like everybody else, also has an owner. – Yes it's me!
– And me! I am his owner too! Another family got together.

Goodie family. We still have to open
the first floor with these capsules and check what skills our pets have. Whether they change color
and what other surprises they have. Well, we'll continue to do this
in the next episode. So won't miss it. Bye Bye!.

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