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Every cat is like this, meow :3
Anya, stroke me An, stroke me An, stroke me, Let me pet you, my little purr ♥;33 You are my purr! ;3 Yes, just like that back there. Smooth, smooth, come on. I'm tired of all! Don't iron! Okay, I won't:( Okay, let's stroke!))) Well, what do you say?:))) Scratch behind your ear harder!!! That's it, don't stroke, I'm tired! Well, let's stroke it some more? ((((( Alice! No, leave me alone, I want to rest! Come on! Every cat is like that, meow! Hi! I'm Yumi Chu. And I got sick. What a dangerous and contagious disease attacked me, look later on the main Magic Family channel. Anyuta is all told.

Link in the description. And we decided to improve everything on our channel, and make videos even cooler! So today Kitty Alisa filmed "Every cat is like that." If you want the second part, or "Every dog is like that" – like and vote! And write any word in the comments and it will appear in the video! Alice, let's start! Alice, where are you? Alice? Well, Alice? You forgot to say that Anna's channel Anny Magic also has super-good content! Jokes-horror stories! Yes, exactly, then Go and take a look too! And now, Alice, let's start! Alice! By the way, you will see Anya and some of us on June 2 at Pets shop days in Moscow! Subscribe to the channel. Alice… That's it, I'm starting. Let's go! Every cat is like that, meow! Kitty Alice, look! You have a whole palace here, with a bunch of entrances and tunnels! Alice? Quiet … Alice, damn it, what's so cool about hiding in an ordinary cardboard box? Near my palace there is the coolest tunnel in the world! Look Alice, it's just a package! Quiet, quiet, quiet.

I don't want more… although, wait, look from your super tunnel like you can go into the tunnel even cooler! Where I am? Who is there? Well, this game is not interesting! Well, these are cool cat tunnels! Oh, come on, you lured me out only in vain. Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! That's what I mean by fun! You know what, I won't do anything for you anymore! Every cat is like that, meow! Kitty Alice, come here quickly! Eat grass for cats! [ __ ] your cat grass! I have my own herb! What are you doing? These are my flowers, and a … They were very tasty! So, I forbid you to eat it! Ahhh, okay, but is it possible? And this is also impossible! And this? Well, please don't eat any more of my flowers, okay? I've grown weed for your cats! And then come try weed for cats! Yes, yes, of course, I'm already running, yeah Every cat is like that, meow! Kitty Alice, look how many cool cat toys you have! Alice? What are you doing? Don't interfere, can't you see I'm playing? These are not toys! You don't understand anything about toys! Look! Alice, but you have so many cool toys, Alice? Quiet! See? What? She's running away! Come on, let's at least try to play something, shall we? Soooo! Look! Okay, let me, come on, play with me! That's it, I'm tired! So, come on, fly! Come on! Well! So, it's better.

Well, oh, yeah, oh … These stupid toys! Every cat is like that, meow! Look, what a good scratching point I bought you, Alice? I found another here! Look how beautiful! Ahem, ahem, that's my orthopedic chair! First time I've heard of this! Alice, this is my chair! It's amazing what they can't invent! Alice, this is my chair I say! Oh, something feels so bad to me … Alice, stop playing the fool, I'm telling you this is my chair! Oh, get away from me already! Greedy! What? Every cat is like that, meow! I am the bathroom queen.

Kitty Alice, are you sure that Anya will not swear? I do not know. I don't care! Actually, in case you didn't know, YumiChu… What are you doing here? Aunt Sophie, back off! Alice bath queen. It is very interesting to play with water! Catch drops. Quiet! Someone is coming! It seems that this is Anya, and now it will fly into us. For the wool in the bathroom and the sink, I wasn't there! Oops… Alice! Wet the whole tail again! She stained the whole sink with her hair! How much can you repeat? How about in the bath? But in the sink I wash my face! Fuu! Do you wash your face there? It's a new package, a box.

Look, you got it all wet! Go, I'll give you a towel! I'm not going anywhere My box! And in general, I also need to wash my ass! Wow, Alice! What is natural to me is not ugly. Every cat is like that, meow! Kitty Alice, here's some extra toys for you to point your sharp claws. Right now, I'll sharpen my claws on you, YumiChu! It's better to grind them about yourself! Right now, I’ll sharpen about your cute face! Maybe I'd better trim your nails with my teeth, huh? I'll cut you! And anyway, I already have a scratching post! An old friend is better than two new ones. Alice, actually, these are curtains! Didn't know it was called that.

Every cat is like that, meow! Kitty Alice, I poured you some water in your beautiful bowl! But actually I drink water from my glass, which is on the refrigerator. Alice, but this is my glass! And anyway, why do we have such a low refrigerator? Let's move into the house and buy a tall one! Well, at least you have something useful. Every cat is like that, meow! I hung a hanging, cozy bed for you! Just wasted money! Alice, let me lie down! Back off, YumiChu! My bed! Listen, get out of here, Pokémon, they hung me. So you still like your bed? It will do, but next time check with me. Oh, everything. Every cat is like that, meow! Like if you want to continue, or "Every dog is like that", subscribe to the channel and our Instagram and share this video with your friends! Now go and watch videos on our other channels! See you!

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